HS: Perussuomalaisten nousu muuttanut kirjoittelua

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Comment: One wonders how racism has got an ever-growing foothold in Finnish society. Could it be ignorance about what it is and how it can impact society adversely? Or are the racists so dim that they believe that such a social ill is a normal condition?

Camila Haavisto’s PhD dissertation concludes something that sheds light on how racism has grown in Finland and, as a consequence, could shed light on why the Perussuomalaiset has become Finland’s third-largest party.

Haavisto states that the PS’ view of immigrants and refugees has been accepted by the media almost without any criticism.  In the last years, politically incorrect usage of words and expressions of immigrants have become more general.

If Finland betrays its values of social equality for xenophobia and racism, it will continue willingly or unwillingly to fuel populist political forces like the PS.



(Camila) Haaviston tutkimusaineiston aikana perussuomalaisten nousu ei ollut vielä ehtinyt vaikuttaa tiedotusvälineiden maahanmuuttokirjoitteluun. Haaviston mukaan sävy muuttui vuoden 2008 kunnallisvaalien jälkeen.

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  1. Niikko

    Just a guess, but maybe immigration criticism (or racism, as you say it) has grown because of increased Somalian and Romanian population in Finland? Or because immigrants commit more crimes than Finns (about 60% more)?

  2. David

    Romanian living in Finland runs prostitution ring from apartment.

    Is this a social problem or a immigration problem ?

    If it is a immigration issue would it be “Racist” to raise the issue

    If it is a social problem that they are bring prostitution into Finland because of their living condition’s back in Romania . Is it “Racist” to raise the problem

    • Enrique

      David, so ONE Romanian who runs a prostitution ring ruins it for the whol immigrant community? Why do you always mix ethnicity/nationality with a crime. Certainly people are individuals.

  3. JusticeDemon


    immigrants commit more crimes than Finns (about 60% more)

    Why do you repeat obvious lies like this? Even including the criminal offences of tourists (while excluding those committed by Finnish tourists abroad) and including offences that only immigrants can commit, there is no reputable way to support such a fabrication.

    All you are doing is demonstrating the meaning of Perussuomalaisten käyttämät yksinkertaistukset ja valikoidut tilastotiedot.

    • Enrique

      Niikko, so what is your point here: all immigrants are bad? Criminals? I don’t have to respect them? Here you speak about some crimes but you want to steer away from the real issues: why is there crime in society, why is racism raising its head in Finland and will it fuel more social inequality and crime. Think for a moment: your whole argument revolves around how criminal immigrants are.

      When you throw mud at one immigrant group you end up throwing it on everyone. Why? Because that is how prejudice and stereotypes are maintained.

  4. Niikko


    You asked why “racism” has grown in Finland and I told you why. Isn’t it quite normal reaction in any country, if immigrants commit more crimes than the people in the country? Of course not all immigrants are bad or criminals, but that’s why Finland should take more selective approach for immigrants and especially refugees. That would help all good immigrants/refugees reputation as well.

    • Enrique

      –You asked why “racism” has grown in Finland and I told you why. Isn’t it quite normal reaction in any country, if immigrants commit more crimes than the people in the country?

      I think you should look at what JusticeDemon wrote. Second, do you think that is a fair statement? Can I state that I hate Finns because they drink too much? That is how absurd the reason you gave for the rise of racism. Here is the question: Do people use this type of information and twist it to justify their racism? Here is a fact: No society is perfect never mind one made up of immigrants. All of them are imperfect, all have crime because they are made up of humans.

      It is naive, if not wishful thinking, to believe that you can bring model future citizens. There are all types but fortunately those who are the so-called bad apples are a minority.

  5. laimach

    Good morning everyone!
    Is it too difficult just to understand how societies nurture eachother??
    After all,” our culture” is not all ours: the Rock music didn’t originate here, Tango music, Breakdance, street dance, Jack Ass tv show, Pelkokerroin, World cuisines?? Even the opportunity our hockey players have to become professional players when they go out.
    And we must not forget that foreigners don’t have the monopoly of being bad.
    Perhaps being ignorant is another form of being bad!!!
    thanks for opportunity!!!!!

  6. Mark


    – “Or because immigrants commit more crimes than Finns (about 60% more)?”

    Well, that’s rather misleading the way you put it. Immigrants didn’t commit 60% more crimes than Finns. According to the Tilastokeskus source, 91% of crimes (isn’t it convictions, not crimes) were committed by Finns.

    However, relevant to the population size, foreigners had 1.6 times the number of convictions.

    It’s worth mentioning that the biggest conviction groups were Russian/former Soviets (repatriated Finns?) and Estonians (the most integrated non-Finns?). My point is not about the link with ethnicity and crime, but simply that the groups that are most vilified in Finland – Afghans, Iraqis and Somalians – are not the ones committing the most crime.

    And another thing, according to the statistics, 21.7% of convictions were for women. That’s three times the proportion of foreigners. Why don’t you single women out as a group and go after them? I don’t hear you saying that women are criminal! It would be quite stupid, wouldn’t it? 🙂

    Of course that also means that 88.3% of crimes were committed by men. Now that IS a statistic worth mentioning, don’t you think. But no, not a dicky bird, complete silence about that. And not a dicky bird about the 91% of crime committed by native Finns. Shows how interested you are in reducing crime!

    Nope, the truth is that you are hijacking very selective statistics, presenting them in misleading ways, to justify your attack on immigrants.

    Even the author of the report conceded that the 1.6 ratio was not that relevant.

    “Kun ottaa huomioon iät ja muut, se ei ole kovin oleellinen asia. Tämä herättää huomiota, mutta mitään dramaattista tässä ei ole: ulkomaalaiset eivät tietenkään ole 1,6-kertaisesti rikollisempia kuin suomalaiset, sanoo Moisio.”