HS in English: Prospect of dancing gays keeps MP away from Independence Day reception

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Comment: Homophobic comments by Perussuomalaiset (PS) party MP Pentti Oinonen raise an interesting question about Finland’s third-largest party: How many or its MPs AREN’T xenophobic, racist, far right or homophobic? 

Oinonen explained his decision to not attend the president’s annual December 6 independence day reception by quoting a recently-deceased war veteran: “He said that he would not have fought on behalf of Finnish independence if he would have known that homosexuals would be dancing at the Independence Day celebration. That is a shocking experience for a veteran.”

The PS MP’s comment raised a furry on different social media websites. 

One of Finland’s best known gay figures, Touko “Tom of Finland” Laaksonen, was a decorated war veteran. 


True Finns MP Pentti Oinonen has announced that he will not attend the President’s annual Independence Day reception on December 6th this year. Oinonen said that he would not be comfortable at a party attended only by people who are well off.

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  1. Risto

    It is so sick a comment, makes me wanna vomit. Sad but true, but homofobia is still a strong undercurrent in societies all over the world…

    • Enrique

      Thank you for this, Jonas. I couldn’t open the video. Great to hear from you! You are one of the oldest — if not the oldest — bloggers of Migrant Tales.

  2. BlandaUpp

    Xenophobia, Islamophobia and Homophobia go hand in hand.

    It’s so sickening that these people represent our country’s image abroad.

    • Enrique

      Hi BandaUpp, it is sad and these people who are racists, xenophobic and homophobic are the face of Finland’s dark side. They have always existed in Finland but now they have come out of the closet for all of us to say. Contrary to coming out, they are exposing themselves under very dubious circumstances.

      Sensible Fnns and immigrants should stand up to them and challenge their threat to our society.

  3. William O'Gorman

    Wait…is this…really?…no…..I mean, now I cant beleive what I am reading. Somebody is making this stuff up. Ha ha…funny stuff and still people support these idiots-?…where to go, what to do….

  4. Eduardo

    “One of Finland’s best known gay figures, Touko ‘Tom of Finland’ Laaksonen, was a decorated war veteran.”

    A pornographer known for obsence pictures of homosexual Nazis – truly, someone Finland should be proud of.

    Imagine if the tables were turned and some war veteran was described who created heterosexual pornography glorifying Nazis. I’m guessing that person wouldn’t be admired by the HS and considered a Finnish hero.

    The implicit rule here is “if someone is gay, they are automatically good/moral/noble/brave, and anyone who disagrees is some horrible phobic -ist who should just disappear”.

    • Enrique

      Hi Eduardo and welcome to Migrant Tales.

      Is Touko Laaksonen a “pornographer?” I’m not too familiar with all of his work, but does he show drawings with swastikas and Nazi-SS regalia?

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