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Comment: Here is an analysis of a popular website, Hommaforum, which has come under police scrutiny especially after the tragic events that hit Norway on July 22. Contrary to Migrant Tales, which is open to a wide range of views, Hommaforum is seen as a closed group where bloggers feed off each other and “easily morph into hermetically-sealed echo chambers of like-minded individuals, leaving no oxygen for debate.”

HS continues: “The development is a dangerous one, since it facilitates and accelerates the formation of cliques and blocs within society and actually weakens the dialogue between people who are of differing opinions.”

Apart from Hommaforum, another popular anti-immigration blog is Scripta run by Perussuomalaiset (PS) party MP Jussi Halla-aho.


By Joonas Laitinen

The shocking mass murder in Norway on July 22nd has prompted a great deal of discussion within Finland about the Internet and about the hate-speech that emanates from some quarters of it.

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  1. BlandaUpp

    We can’t afford to let these extremists continue spreading their hateful message in an unchallenged way. They will inspire more terrorists like Anders Behring Breivik.

    These people don’t represent Finland, no matter how loudly they scream in and flood comment sections of our newspapers and blogs.

  2. Method

    You got Hommaforum’s number right. No need to discuss there, unless you like “discussing”. Same with the “other side’s” forum the todellisuus.org.

    One good point about homma though, they have huge libraries of news, when you can check the original news.

    You think it would be better if Hommaforum wouldn’t exist? If they’d have to go underground with their stuff? Now you can go there and read whatever was said and what’s going on.

    They should be challenged.


    They do and they don’t represent Finland. At some points yes, at some points not so much:


    And then there’s the more global trend:


    What to you think? Is this all done by Hommaforum and Halla-aho, or is there another explanation?

    • Enrique

      Thank you for the link, Method. But it is a no-brainer question: Do you think your country has too many immigrants. Certainly! I doubt that many in many countries think otherwise.

  3. Hannu

    Enrique if you dont mind i would like to show you some errors.
    Hommaforum isnt under anykind of special scrutiny, fobba came there to discuss things we find worrying and as he said “not different than other discussion boards”. Police is where people are, thats not your blog 🙂
    Hommaforum is open to all and if you hold opposite view then youre more protected against others and have more leevay than normal writer. Of course reason why for example you arent there is that collective does shot down your arguments before you can blink but if you can take pressure then welcome. Have you tried? (i know you havent)
    Hommaforum isnt blog but forum, learn difference.

  4. Yossie

    Am I the only one who cant comment on the newest blog post? Tells me to enter name although its there. Still I can comment this one -.-