HS.fi: Tutkija: Äärioikeistolla jopa kymmeniätuhansia kannattajia Suomessa

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Comment: Despite recent assurances by the police that there are few far-right supporters in Finland, University of Eastern Finland researcher Vesa Puuronen believes that their numbers could be in the thousands or tens of thousands, reports HS.fi.

After the killings in Norway on Friday, the police in Finland has put under closer scrutiny far-right and neo-Nazi groups.

Finland’s neo-Nazi movement, Kansallinen vastarinta, claims in two posts that Anders Behring Breivik’s actions, the man who was responsible for the deaths of 76 people, were fuelled by Zionism.

Puuronen says, however, that on the Internet one can find a number of far-right groups that don’t appeared to be organized. “They don’t have to hold any meetings because they can exchange information on the net,” he said.

Are you concerned by these groups and could they be a threat to our Nordic democratic system?


Äärioikeiston kannattajien määrää Suomessa on hyvin hankalaa arvioida. Rasismintutkija Vesa Puuronen Itä-Suomen yliopiston sanoo, että nettifoorumeille kirjoittavien aktiivien ydinjoukkoon lukeutunee ennemmin satoja kuin tuhansia suomalaisia. Jos puhutaan vain äärioikeistolaisen ideologian kannattajista, pääluku voi nousta tuhansiin tai kymmeniintuhansiin.

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