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CommentOf all the hardliners in the Suomen Sisu wing of the Perussuomalaiset (PS) party, MP James Hirvisaari is the spookiest when it comes to his views on immigrants and Islam. Last December he wrote that “it was time to clean the political playing field” and “to sentence national traitors by military trial.”  

Hirvisaari’s latest blog entry on Uusi Suomi, “Norway’s bloodbath,” gets noticed by Finland’s largest daily, Helsingin Sanomat.

After speaking of the horrors of terrorism and the tragedy that hit Norway, Hirvisaari shows his far-right colors by stating that “a sensible immigration policy could have lowered tensions and helped avoid many problems as well as the atrocity (in Norway). And we still can. In Finland as well.”

In a thread under his blog entry, Hirvisaari gives us more of his far-right sympathies: “I really am not surprised that something like this could happen in Norway. In the last years at least ALL (100%) of the tens of [people] accused of violent rapes have been done by immigrants/foreigners that have come from outside Europe.”

The HS.fi editorial writes that Hirvisaari’s and Breivik’s reasoning are similar. In Hirvisaari’s world, Breivik was a victim of poor immigration policy and failed multiculturalism and therefore something snapped inside of him.

The PS MP wrote that we should once and for all admit that multiculturalism has failed.

In the usual style of the PS, he does not give any solutions how he plans to “unfail” multiculturalism.  But we do not need to know because Hirvisaari, like Jussi Halla-aho, is a Counter-Jihadist who believes Europe and Finland will be taken over by Muslims.

Hirvisaari is also a strong believer of “ethnic hygiene.” He thinks it is a bad matter for Finns to marry foreigners.

Hirvisaari is by profession a Finnish State Railways train engineer. 


Perussuomalaisten kansanedustaja James Hirvisaari löytää syitä Norjan verilöylyyn ja tappaja Anders Breivikin toimintaan. Hirvisaari kirjoittaa ajatuksistaan Uuden Suomen Puheenvuoro-palstalla 24. 7. aloittamassaan keskustelussa.

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      Hannu, I would like to meet you in the future and show to you the stuff you write and the ideas you follow on the net. They will look like the arguments forty years ago why women should stay home and not wear pants. That is all that you think and write will add up to. Why? Because they are based on prejudice and prejudice is not a value we value in our society.