How widespread is discrimination in Finland? The answer: are you unemployed and do you get paid the same as Finns?

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Finland’s Nobel Prize in economics, Bengt Holmström, said that white Finns must not share power and privileges with migrants and their children. In other words, they should get lower salaries social security benefits – are you ready for this?! – so that it does not irritate Finns.

A Migrant Tales reader wrote today what an employer told him a few years ago when he went for a job interview: “That guy’s exact words were that the other Finnish workers would get upset if I was paid the same as them……for doing the same job!!!!!

  1. intternetnetsi

    Their “education” is self reported and i can say its far from what finns demand. Also i want services where i’m understood and not like doctor in tampere who couldn’t get even basic pill count right without help….

    Last time when i employed foreign was when they asked “what is this yellow/black”….

    I dont want to die. I checked their work because im electrician and “protective ground” was far of what it should be, it should be last to get off if you fuck up and regardless of situation but they made it shorter than others…. It has be longest and last to fail.

    And remember these are self reported. I have seen one who claimed he is electrician engineer and that was because he sold electronics and couldnt write even in his own language…

    Of course there should be easy way to prove you are what you claim to be, that would be +. People who claim to be xxx means finns wont trust anyone from x