How the Finnish media frames “good” and “bad” refugees

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Länsiväylä is a community newspaper that lives off advertising revenues. One story on Ukrainian refugees raking a park in Kirkonnummi, a city located near Helsinki, is another chapter in framing Ukrainian refugees as “good” refugees.

Some who use such stories to feed their racist worldview, use such stories to frame Muslim refugees as “bad” refugees.

One PS politician states:

These Ukrainians are pretty different from many others who have sought asylum in Finland.

Thankfulness is shown in this way (raking a park lawn. See picture below.)

I hope that some of them remain in Finland when the war ends.

They are needed here.

I belkieve they will not be over-represented in crime statistics.

Instead of framing “good” and “bad” immigrants, it would be good for the media to show that we have the ability to be humane and help others. If we can open our hearts to Ukrainians, why couldn’t we do the same for people from the Middle East and Africa?