How the Finnish media flirts with disgraced former PS MP James Hirvisaari

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Why would a Finnish talk show like Enbuske & Linnanahde Crew want to interview a disgraced MP like James Hirvisaari, who got kicked out of the Perussuomalaiset (PS) party last week for taking a picture of a person making a Nazi salute in parliament? One of the guests of the show, actress Krista Kosonen, wrapped up Hirvisaari’s thoughts and writings in one word: Crap!

Even if Tuomas Enbuske tries to make smart questions to understand the mind of Hirvisaari, it is another sad example of the how the media continues to flirt with far-right politicians whose only merits are spreading hatred.

Is the interview with Hirvisaari another sad example of how the Finnish media gives racists inflated respectability and importance?

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What’s the point of interviewing a convicted MP for ethnic agitation? What value does he bring the debate? Does his presence in the program reveal something about Tuomas Enbuske’s and Aki Linnanahde? Thanks to Kosonen, however, and contrary to Enbuske, who tried to understand Hirvisaari’s worldview, the Muutos2011 MP got a taste of her medicine. 

“Hirvisaari says that he doesn’t fear anything,” Kosonen said on the show and was quoted on Ilta-Snomat. “But that is what it actually is: fear. Living in a small bubble…We have to think how immigrants should adapt to society not fear, how clitorises are slashed fifteen years from now.”

This is the second time Tuomas Enbuske has invited Hirvisaari to his show.