How “safe” is Iraq? Who is safe in Iraq?

by , under Beri Jamal and Enrique Tessieri

An Isis suicide attack ripped Baghdad Sunday causing the death toll to rise today to 217 dead., according to Al Iraqya TV

It wasn’t a long time ago when the Finnish Immigration Service (FIS) with the ok of the government, which comprises of the anti-immigration Perussuomalaiset (PS),* Center Party and National Coalition Party, stated that Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia are safe countries to return asylum seekers.

These are apparently “safe” countries to return asylum seekers. The foreign ministry advises Finns not to visit these three countries.

So while members of the PS, government, and public officials enjoy their peaceful holidays by a quiet lake, there is a slaughter house not too far away where you can feel the chilling breath of death.

Viewer discretion is advised. The content of the pictures below may be disturbing.

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