How ideologically similar is Suomen Sisu to the Ku Klux Klan and U.S. American Nazi Party?

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While some may claim the headline to be provocative, it’s not too far off the mark. With what we already know about Suomen Sisu, is there a potential that it could evolve into a Finnish version of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and U.S. American Nazi Party? Absolutely. 

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You can read about Suomen Sisu’s (in Finnish) ethnic policies via wayback machine.

If we compare what the KKK and U.S. American Nazi Party think about “racial purity” and compare it with Suomen Sisu’s former policy statement that’s presently under revision, it’s pretty clear that these groups play in the same ideological ball park.

Even if Suomen Sisu denies it, the far right anti-immigration association used to openly promote white “racial purity.” Whatever it may say or deny today, Suomen Sisu still opposes white Finns marrying and mixing with other ethnicities, especially from the Third World.

This was clearly stated in its former official policy statement:

 “All nations, races and cultures are valuable in themselves and their existence must be guaranteed. Eliminating humankind’s natural [ethnic] diversity in the name of misleading multiculturalism must end. Peoples of different nationalities shouldn’t be mixed to destroy historically developed cultures by replacing them with a global subculture.”

Suomen Sisu’s new chairman, Olli Immonen, denies that the association promotes “racial cleanliness.” No matter how much the Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP denies or words it, the main message of the far right association is the same: Finland must stay white.

The association’s former chairwoman, Paula Päivike, reinforces the latter. She was quoted as saying on that ”Suomen Sisu is against ethnic purity but is in favor of maintaining multiculturalism.”

Certainly we’d have to figure out what her definition of multiculturalism is.

This becomes clear in a quote by Päivike on ”We’re speaking about the purity of nations, not races. We see people as cultures. The fact that different people need to be smeared in the same place, sure that’s nice,  but it only lasts a moment. Then people mix and become one culture.”

Just like Suomen Sisu, one of the core values of the KKK is conserving the “white race” by discouraging “racial interbreeding.”

A standard KKK argument is that since god made humans ethnically diverse “like the colors of the rainbow,” why then would we want to destroy what god made?

The U.S. American Nazi Party says something similar. Take away the anti-Semitism and their open support for Adolf Hitler and replace it with Islamophobia, only then we see how close Suomen Sisu comes to that group’s thinking. Here’s how the U.S. American Nazi party sees “racial purity:”

“…an America in which our children and our grandchildren will play and go to school with other White children; an America in which they will date and marry other young people of our own race; an America in which all their offspring will be beautiful, healthy White babies.”

How come Suomen Sisu’s ideology is so similar to the KKK and U.S. American Nazi Party? This is easy since it can be traced to Suomen Sisu’s recommended reading list, where you’ll find the writings of David Duke, the former grand wizard of the KKK, and Alfred Rosenberg, a Nazi war criminal sentenced to death at Nuremberg for war crimes.

Rosenberg was instrumental in giving “Aryan racial purity (sic)” its philosophical base through writings like, The myth of the twentieth century, which argued that ethnic diversity had undermined Germany from realizing its racial greatness and becoming the master race.

Like the KKK and U.S. American Nazi Party, Suomen Sisu assures us with a poker face that it’s not a racist association at all but simply defending white Finns from Third World minorities.

No matter how you look at it, Suomen Sisu will always be a KKK- and Nazi-spirited far right association whose main point is ethnic purity.


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