How hate crime goes unreported in Finland

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR), an anti-racism NGO, reported the previous week that there were in 2013 a total of 47,210 racist crimes reported by NGOs throughout Europe. It claimed that those reported cases were only the tip of the iceberg of all recorded hate crimes.

Migrant Tales was informed recently about a case in Helsinki of an African man who was attacked in public by three white Finns. His case is a good example as any of why hate crime goes unreported in this country.

After visiting the hospital to treat his wounds, the victim went to the police to report what had happened to him. According to a source who knows and spoke to the victim,  he said that the police didn’t take what he said seriously and decided to drop the whole matter.

The person who was attacked was supposed to speak to Migrant Tales about what happened but didn’t do so possibly due to fear.


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Read full ENAR report here.

How many of these types of cases go unreported in Finland and Europe?

It’s clear that as long as the police continue not to treat racist crime seriously only a small amount of cases  will be reported.

Migrant Tales was involved with a similar case a few years ago of a black African who was assaulted in the city of Mikkeli by some white Finns. Apart from harassing him in a racist manner they tore some of his clothes.

As a result of Migrant Tales’ insistence we went to report the matter to the police. The attitude of the police officer who took down what the victim said was the most surprising. The policeman didn’t seem to be interested and tried to play down the whole incident.

“Why not get a city mediator to resolve your differences,” the policeman said.