How does the PS plan to keep Finland “white?”

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Even if an anti-immigration and especially anti-Islam party like the Perussuomalaiset (PS) is trying its hardest to look as mainstream as possible with the Euro MP and parliamentary elections of 2014 and 2015 approaching, respectively, a crucial question is being left out of the picture: How do they plan keep Finland white and undermine our ever-growing cultural diversity?

Since we’ve known perfectly well for years the answer to that question, the reason why we haven’t taken it onboard is because we haven’t connected the dots.

If you are a visible migrant or minority in Finland, connecting those dots is fairly easy.

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PS MP Olli Immonen as seen by Ville Ranta. The anti-immigration and anti-Islam PS MPwishes  Muslims, Jews, blacks and other immigrants and visible minorities for Christmas. He promises to behave especially good in 2014 so he can wish for boxcars from Santa Claus.

The connection between the PS’ big picture of what it thinks of multicultural Finland was revealed recently by PS MP Olli Immonen, who sent a written question to parliament requiring that people in Finland should be registered by ethnic origin. Certainly the question that begs an answer is why do we need such a register in the first place.

The answer is obvious: It would be an effective way to maintain alive the perception that white ethnic Finns are superior and privileged in this society while labeling the other as “them.”

Parties like the PS understand perfectly well that they are walking in a minefield when they flirt with racism. Their shameful political opportunism and greed for power enables them to make pacts with the devil.

Even if some may argue correctly that the PS doesn’t have a master ethnic plan to keep Finland white, all the variables are in place to create one instantly whenever the time is ripe.  

In order to clean the stains of their racist rhetoric, the PS has substituted different terms and arguments for original ones: Muslims for Jews; our white way of life is under threat; undermine cultural diversity by criticizing immigration policy; globalization-internationalization for International Jewry.

Even if the concepts used to defend white Finland are different from the past, the aim is the same: To hinder and undermine as much possible Finland’s ever-growing cultural diversity.

Like far-right parties throughout Europe, the PS feel the same urgency to defend white Finland from mutlicultural Finland.  The only matter that doesn’t make some of the members of the PS as extreme as Immonen, Halla-aho and others, is that they may accept some ethnic diversity. Those that they accept must be white from the inside even if they are non-white from the outside.

Despite the threatening clouds rumbling over minorities in this country due to an outright hostile party to them like the PS, the question of questions that isn’t being asked by journalists of anti-immigration parties and politicians is if repatriation is their solution to our ever-growing cultural diversity.

Some of the PS have already ansered that question clearly. Some of them want to deport from Finland convicted immigrants, Romany beggars, undocumented migrants and those that haven’t been granted asylum in our country.

Fortunately there are some healthy signs that we are  waking up to the menace of intolerance being spread wholesale by parties like the PS.

This is a positive sign but a lot more work must be still done to turn back the beachhead that landed in Finland in April 2011.