How a story in Migrant Tales was incorrectly judged as “hate speech”

by , under Enrique Tessieri

A news story I published Saturday about two black and one foreign woman who were insulted and threatened in a racist manner got taken down in the Rasmus forum. It was the first time ever that this has happened to me in Facebook. 

Facebook only gave me a note stating that the story didn’t abide by its community standards.

So what did my “hate speech” story say?

A year ago a white Finnish woman threw a bucketful of water at three women and four children below and started to insult and threaten them in a racist manner.

Said the victim, Ruth Waweru.Folabit, in Migrant Tales last year: “When another neighbor told the woman to shut up, she called her an n-word lover. She said that she was a Finn, and therefore, nothing would happen to her [for harassing her in a racist manner and throwing a bucket of water].”

After a year the three victims get the following decision from the prosecutor:  “I will not press charges because the suspected crime, when evaluated as a whole, should be seen as minor considering the harm it caused or the degree of guilt of the suspect that it reveals.”

I will not go into all the details of the story because they are already published, but it’s quite incredible that a white person in Finland can do something like this and get away with it. I just wonder what would have happened if the person who threw the water, insulted and threatened three white people was black.

“I’d probably get deported,” said one of the victims.

Suvi Tanninen, who complained to Facebook about the story, claims that I was guilty of “hate speech” because I wrote demeaningly about white Finns.

In the posting she calls me “a mental retard.”

One look at her Facebook page “likes” reveals who this person is: Tanninen “likes” far-right online trash publications such as Nykysuomi, MV, vigilante group the Soldiers of Odin, Suomen Sisu and Finland First.

All of the above are responsible for fueling and maintaining hate speech against migrants and minorities in Finland.

Here is the official complaint that Suvi Tanninen gave to Facebook about the article, which she claimed was hate speech (sic!). Facebook should do it’s job better and not just censor people in the way the story was today.

UPDATED (13.5): You still see people who think racism is ok and don’t mind advertising. Even so, why don’t they learn how to spell the word “racist” correctly?