Highland Park shooter raises far-right Suomen Sisu to international notoriety

by , under Enrique Tessieri

After Highland Park shooter Robert E. Crimo III, 22, murdered six people during the July 4th festivities and was apprehended by the police, social media is buzzing with his use of a symbol that is similar to the one used by Suomen Sisu, a far-right neo-Nazi association that used to recommend the works of Nazi war criminal Alfred Rosenberg.

Even if Suomen Sisu likes to call itself a “nationalist movement” that seeks the preservation of European states and white culture, it’s been called by the Finnish secret police Supo an “extremist organization.” Others like the Finnish Criminal Police (KRP), and the Council for Mass Media (JSN) called the association  “Nazi spirited.”

Above is the official description of Suomen Sisu in English. Others read it differently: “Suomen Sisu is a Finnish far-right movement which objects to Muslims and people of color and supports the preservation of national states and white European heritage with white supremacy. Through its activities, the organization seeks to protect white Finnish culture, and racist, ethnocentric views, by promoting white Finnish far-right views. Suomen Sisu builds a society in Finns where there are no non-white people and this fact makes us happy.”

Whether the symbol used by the Highland Park killer is a copy or not is like arguing if Suomen Sisu is a far-right white supremacist association or not.

What has happened is that Suomen Sisu’s real face has been exposed thanks to a murderer who is attracted to far-right ideology.

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