UPDATE: Helsinki Times: Pakistani stabbed several times in the Finnish city of Vantaa

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A Pakistani was stabbed several times on Friday night in Vantaa, according to Helsinki Times. The victim is 37 and the father of a four-year-old child. 

UPDATE: The police service put out a statement Tuesday about the stabbing. It gave no details except that the investigation is ongoing. A story in Helsingin Sanomat quotes detective chief inspector, Mikko Minkinen, was quoted as saying that apparently, it wasn’t a hate crime.

Writes Helsinki Times: “Assailants inflicted 20-30 stab wounds on the victim using knives and other edged weapons. His lips were also cut, and was stabbed near the eye. Fortunately, the victim was transferred to hospital urgently and underwent a major surgery. Although still in ICU [intensive care unit] and in critical condition with severe injuries, his situation is not life-threatening anymore, and he has regained consciousness.”

The attack happened on Friday and Helsinki Times is apparently the only paper in Finland that reported the incident.

As usual, the police has taken its time in putting out a statement about the motive of the crime.

Read the full story here.

If something is interesting to watch, it is the police and how long it will take to update us on the terrible incident.

Why is this important? Because in Finland, and due to the anti-immigration atmosphere and rise in hate crimes, one can never be too sure about motives that involve a vile attack against a visible migrant.

On behalf of Migrant Tales, we wish the victim a speedy recovery.

  1. Light

    Terrorist finnish youngsters, and now media is sleeping, police is happy and finnish government is busy with money and Sauli Niinistö is playing with baby !

    Police is a teacher for hateful youngsters, racist police encourage them all, and nothing will happened for those terrorist youngsters, finnish police and racist finnish law will support them perfectly !

    Now who is terrorist? a muslim or finnish youngsters?

    Snow is full of blood, where are finnish people to take picture? to speak about, to share it everywhere? keep silence, keep keep, you are doing best , you show your real face to the world, world is watching you all !

    Who si terrorist? which country is terrorist?
    Which country has Joutseno torture, suicide camp? and Vanta city?

    Its not important at all, he was pakistani, not white, he was not finnish and most important he was a muslim, bravo to finnish yongsters!

    Even finnish children in kindergarten and schools are aggressive against foreigner children, harsh, racist and bully!

    Pakistani man and his family , his child will never foregt this! they can not forget it !

    What a peaceful country, a foreigner is not safe even infront of his house!

    This things are very very normal in Finland, very normal !

    Terror attack is legal for a Finnish person specially when its against asylum seekers and refugee and muslims !

    NOW who is terrorist? which country is terrorist number one in the world?

    Warning warning, never put your feet in Finland if you care about your life, your family LIFE !

    Suomalaiset nuoret tekevät terrori-iskun !

  2. Light

    Pakistani man , his family and all pakistani people in Finland will not forget this, never.
    He looks himself at moirror every single day !
    His wife and child will look at his face every day!
    Pakistani people will ask him what happened to your face and he will share it… every day!
    His face, everybody can see it, everyday, and all of this remind him and his family and everybody else a terror attack in Finland infront of his house *

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