Helsinki District Court fines clothing store managers for firing Muslim woman

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The managers of Guess, a Helsinki clothing store, have been fined for firing a Muslim woman for wearing a headscarf to work, reports YLE in English. It is the first case ever decided by the Helsinki District Court, according to YLE

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Reports YLE in English: “Helsinki District court has fined managers at a Helsinki clothing retailer for discriminating an employee on the basis of religion. They receive 20 day-fines for sacking a Muslim worker who was told she should not wear a headscarf.”

The new worker was fired on the first day of work.

The Guess store managers denied that their decision to fire the worker was discriminatory. They claimed that the headscarf did not fit the company’s brand.

  1. Toiset Soundit

    This shows to me that the Finnish justice system is doing a good job.

    This whole veil-debate is touching at the heart of what a modern society should be: a society based on emotional and mythical ideas about our rights and duties or one based on universal human rights such as freedom of religion and how do we keep a healthy balance?