Helsingin Sanomat poll reinforces why unfair hiring practices are probably widespread in Finland

by , under Enrique Tessieri

A survey commissioned by Helsingin Sanomat reveals what we’ve known all along about the causes of unfair hiring practices, high migrant unemployment and discrimination.  The survey revealed that six out of 10 people polled would hire a Finn over a migrant if jobs were scarce. 

Is scarcity the real factor? Even during good economic times, migrant unemployment has been 2-3 times higher than the national average.

The country’s largest daily didn’t have to commission an expensive poll to tell us something we already know. What is sad about the results and the Helsingin Sanomat story is that  no solutions are given on how to lessen unfair hiring practices and discrimination.

One high-profile alleged unfair hiring case that came in the public eye this month was Dr. Gareth Rice case at the University of Helsinki, which raised a wider issue that migrants face in this country.

According to educational background, the survey revealed that the majority (66%) of those with a comprehensive school backgrounds agreed that Finns should be hired over foreigners when jobs are scarce. That was followed by ‘other educational backgrounds’ (60%) and academic backgrounds (41%).

The poll will get little attention in Finland since it was published in July, when most Finns are on holiday.

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