Helsingin Sanomat: Multikulturalismin arvostelijat ovat hakoteillä

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Comment: Here is a well-balanced letter to the editor published in Helsingin Sanomat about what the “anti-multicultural” critics forget to tell you when they speak out against the “failures” of cultural diversity.

If you look at recent statements by Angela Merkel and David Cameron on how multiculturalism has failed,  they attempt to pin all the blame on immigrants not on the state, which is the real culprit. As the letter to the editor below points out, many countries lack comprehensive and effective programs for immigrants to adapt to their new homes.

Why haven’t Merkel and Cameron mentioned any options on how to turn this failure into a success story? The answer is simple: They don’t have a clue.

The above is supported by a  Migration Integration Policy Index (Mipex) study, which found that “integration policies are only improving slowly, with countries still creating as many obstacles as opportunities for immigrants to live, work, and participate in society.”

Some European societies don’t envision the bigger picture and what role immigrants will play in their respective countries. Are they accepted? Respected? Do they have equal opportunities? What does living in a culturally diverse society mean? How do we become Europeans?

What do you think?


Useiden valtioiden johtajat ovat viime aikoina todenneet maahanmuuttopolitiikan epäonnistuneen maassaan. Vastikään multikulturalismin ottivat silmätikukseen myös Britannian pääministeri David Cameron ja Ranskan presidentti Nicolas Sarkozy.

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  1. Tiwaz

    Merkel & co have not said how to make multiculti into success for simple reason:

    It cannot work.
    Society which is divided to dozens of cultures with conflicting principles and values has never worked, and will never work.

    There must be one culture which defines the framework to which every other culture subjects. That is only way to working, stable society.

  2. Enrique

    It is a positive sign that some academics are speaking out against the antiquated documents dating back to the murky days of when eugenics was acceptable. What is unacceptable is that people who should know better are using these same arguments about ethnicities to justify their racism.

  3. William O'Gorman

    “There must be one culture which defines the framework to which every other culture subjects. That is only way to working, stable society.”

    This is it alright. Just ask Hitler. That worked….oh wait a second….

    • Enrique

      Yes, Tiwaz, wait a BIG second! One of the problems with the ongoing immigration debate in Europe is that anyone with ANY ideas feels he or she can make a point irrespective if it is rude, racist and exclusive.