Harith Mana’thar Badr Alsilmawi: Asylum seeker sent from Finland killed in “safe” Iraq

by , under Enrique Tessieri

For how long will the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) with the backing of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s government continue to maintain that Iraq is a “safe” country to deport asylum seekers? The latest victim of this flawed policy is 33-year-old Harith Mana’thar Badr Alsilmawi, who sought asylum in 2015 and died on Wednesday in Basra. 

Migrant Tales reported in October 2016 of two Iraqi asylum seekers who returned to their home country and were killed.

Harith Mana’thar Badr Alsilmawi in Finland during better days. Source: Facebook.

According to a source who has been in touch with Harith Mana’thar Badr Alsilmawi’s relatives in Iraq, the young asylum seeker was apprehended by the police, tortured and then killed.  

“There are conflicting stories about Alsilmawi’s deportation to Iraq from Finland,” said the source. “The family in Iraq said that he returned voluntarily while other sources at the Jämsä asylum reception center state that he was detained by the police and forcibly deported.”

Harith Mana’thar Badr Alsilmawi’s death certificate. Source: Facebook.

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