Guess Helsinki: Saleswoman gets fired for wearing headscarf to work

by , under Enrique Tessieri

A Muslim woman who wore a headscarf to work on her first day was fired, reports Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s largest daily. Even if the managers of the Guess clothing store deny that the women was fired because she is a Muslim, prosecutor Jaakko Tapala is filing a charge for job discrimination.

The two managers said that the reason why the woman, who was hired to work as a temporary employee for six days, was fired was because the veil didn’t fit the clothing store’s brand.

The incident has received wide coverage on social media.

Michaela Moua said on Facebook below: “Shocking…’doesn’t fit the clothing store’s brand…’ should the brand be racism and discrimination? Not a good look…

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  1. JusticeDemon

    Huivi is the Finnish word for “scarf”, not “veil”. In this case it evidently covers the woman’s hair, not her face.