Guardian: Some are more equal than others in Finland

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  1. Light

    Attention attention, Hey YOU Elo Allik-Schünemann , what ?
    Are you joking on guardian ?
    Finland has an unknown very kind side? never, come here, live here and then say something if you can ! or stop it fake advertisement about Finland! you must speak about the truth and if you can not then keep silence, is better than lie !
    Worse education system does work in Finland and Finland is not a lovely country, far far far of love, love and humanity has no mean in Finland ! come and see what Finland is doing on poor Iraqi, afghan asylum seekers, come and go to detention centers and see how Finland is controling their breath ! how Finland keeping young iraqi boys in cells, young alone boys, come and see with your eyes, finalnd has no mercy on a christian 21 years old kid who lost his father in Iraq, who is alone and helpless, this is Finland, dont be a boot lick !

    Finland is an enemy for humanity, Finland is racist number one in the world, a country that a refugee and asylum seeker lives with torture, stress and on a dange line , oh yes, keep going hateful Finland ! keep going , continue your evil job !

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