Tory MP Aidan Burley sacked over ‘Nazi’ stag party attendance

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Comment: The Perussuomalaiset (PS) and other Finnish parties should look at countries like Britain to see how political parties in that country deal with politically embarrassing situations. Conservative Tory MP Aidan Burley got the boot as Commons aide after he attended a Nazi stag party while at a French ski resort.

A party spokesman was quoted as saying on “Aidan Burley has behaved in a manner which is offensive and foolish. That is why he is being removed from his post as parliamentary private secretary at the Department for Transport. In light of information received the prime minister has asked for a fuller investigation into the matter to be set up and to report to him.”

Yes, I know that we are living in 2011 and the Third Reich came down in flames in May 1945. Even so, some of them like Burley have forgotten the racism and war that Adolf Hitler’s Germany reigned over Europe. Up to 60 million people are believed to have perished in World War 2.

What is surprising is that politicians in Finland appear not to be worried about their members belonging to neo-Nazi associations like Suomen Kansalinen Vastarinta (SKV) never mind far-right ones like Suomen Sisu

Finland’s politicians could learn a lot from countries like England. A key explanation for the firing of  the Tory MP is his “offensive and foolish” behavior. Without mentioning any names, I am certain we can come up with a list of politicians in Finland who have been behaving in such a manner as of recent. 

Thank you JusticeDemon for the heads up!


A Conservative MP who attended a stag party where guests dressed as Nazis has been sacked as a Commons aide for “offensive” behaviour and placed under investigation by David Cameron.

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  1. eyeopener

    Tits for tats. If you can’t live up to the responsibilities you have and think nobody sees your fool behavior don’t complain about the blisters on your a…..s. You had a lot of fun, you didnot even made one attempt to step out of the meeting. No, you just celebrated all along.

    Mr. Burley. You are a disgrace of the UK!!

    Let this be a warning for all those politicians who think they have “the freedom of speech” to safeguard them from criticism.

    Hopefully the Finnish political parties learn from the reaction of the Conservative Party (wouldn’t be my choice) Take your responsibility and kick out your “Neonazis”!!