North Carolina’s reparation for the dark past of American eugenics

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Comment: When we think of pseudo-sciences like eugenics we usually associate them with Germany. However, eugenics was widely accepted in other European countries as well as in the United States. The story below published by the Guardian shows how eugenics led to forced sterilization in the United States and how such practices continue to impact its victims to this date.

The following documentary, The Occult History of the Reich, gives a grotesque view of how eugenics got wide support from medical establishments and how it served fanatics like Adolf Hitler to set his country on a ruinous crusade. 

Even if sensible people know that eugenics is baloney with a capital B, associations like Suomen Sisu continue to flirt with such ideas through their views of “racial purity.” This is odd because Nazis like Eugene Fischer considered Finns of Mongolian stock. 

Apart from not having any scientific foundation, the legacy that eugenics left us is war and mass-murder in the name of racial purity.

Thanks to JusticeDemon for alerting me about this story.


By Edwin Black

North Carolina’s compensation to victims of forced sterilisation is a chance to illuminate a gruesome US tradition of racial ‘science.’

Twenty-seven American states joined a decades-long pseudo-scientific crusade to create a white, blond, blue-eyed, biologically superior “master race”. Their misguided utopian quest was called eugenics. But only one state, North Carolina, is now readying a massive plan of financial repatriations to its surviving victims. Just how much North Carolina should pay is now the subject of a historically wrenching debate.

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  1. Allan

    The Carolinas eugenics programme was run approximately with the same principles as the Swedish eugenics programme, which ran until 1975. A bit closer to home that one – as Finland should follow the examples of the “civilized” Sweden, no?

  2. JusticeDemon


    And you chose to make your worthy “point” about Americans and Finland by talking about Sweden?

    Didn’t Pamela Anderson famously get the Finnish tabloids to stop pestering her by announcing that the only thing she got from her ancestors was her alcohol problem?

  3. Allan

    Finland always follows Sweden as a “better example”. Americans are the most brilliant nation on Earth and Sweden comes a good second, only that anyone educated in America is at a level of a 5-year old kindergarten child in Sweden.

  4. JusticeDemon


    So your point about Sweden was relevant only because of some inferiority complex that you project onto others?

  5. Allan

    My point is whatever happens in America is quite irrelevant, maybe the focus should be somewhere closer to home.

  6. Hannu

    “This is odd because Nazis like Eugene Fischer considered Finns of Mongolian stock. ”

    Red herring, you dont care.