Good questions about the PS by the Vallan Vahtikoira blog

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By Enrique Tessieri

Vallan Vahtikoira is an interesting blog that asks all the right questions that some media should be asking the Perussuomalaiset (PS) party. His latest blog entry (in Finnish), Perussuomalista normimenoa,  asks about some of the embarrassing revelations that become public about some PS members belonging to neo-Nazi associations like the SKV

The editor of the blog, Jussi K. Niemelä, says the following about himself:  “I’m a natural sciences oriented skeptic, atheist & humanist; my outlook is nonpartisan ultra-liberal cosmopolitanism; I also write poems, rock lyrics and write science books, book reviews & articles.”

The blog entry mentions three PS member, Ulla Pyysalo, Tuomas Okkonen and Jani Viinikainen. The first two asked to join the SKL while the latter is a homophobic.

Pyysalo, for example, said she was ready to resign as PS MP Juho Eerola’s aide only if she found another job at the end of the year. The question is if she will find a new job.

Since the PS hasn’t been in any rush to kick these members out of the party, Niemelä says that party head Timo Soini isn’t too much bothered — apart from its usual anti-immigration and anti-Islam rhetoric — about some of PS members belonging to neo-Nazi associations and being openly homophobic.

Here is a link to the blog entry.