German Pegida movement leader quits after posing as Hitler

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Lutz Bachmann, the head of Germany’s anti-Islam Pegida movement, quit after he posed on his Facebook as Hitler.  The excuses and explanations after what Bachmann did are disingenuous. We’ve heard it so many times when these types of people get their fingers burned: Satire! 

Kathrin Oertel, a Pegida spokeswoman, said that while Bachmann’s comments about refugees went too far, his portrayal of Hitler was a “joke” and “satire, which is every citizen’s right,” reports the BBC.

The former head of the Pegida, apologized for calling refugees as “animals” and “scumbags” but said nothing about his portrayal of Hitler.

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Isn’t it incredible how bigots like Bachmann finally get exposed by their own stupidity? It must be the sensation of power that blinds and exposes them for what they are.

German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel came down hard on Bachmann. “Anyone in politics who poses as Hitler is either a total idiot or a Nazi,” he was quoted as saying on the BBC, which cited Bild. “Reasonable people do not follow idiots, and decent people don’t follow Nazis.”

Migrant Tales has written previously that anti-immigration politicians who insult others with racist “jokes” and comments should seek new careers in comedy and not remain in politics.