From Anonymous to Dana

by , under Anonymous

Migrant Tales Blog – Message of Condolences to Dana

as she mourns for her bereaved parents

We say….. Dana! you are not alone….but MTs and our own


Even if  the body tremmors with shock from the thrust and pressure trigged by the double

tragedy for your beloved parents they are not yours alone but also…………Migrant Tales

and our own


Even if your heart is crying with pain and the wall that protects it, has cracked with tears

 drain, but we are here not there, we are hear so near, to your ear, for you are us and ours

 and, our own


Even if your mind is clogged and exhausting the brain we can share the burden and strain

 for we are with you all the way and you are not alone or on your own but with us as one 

of our own


Even if your soul is encapsulated with grief and creates a strain but we hold our hands 

together and between the two letters M and T is a hug from Migrant Tales from your 

beloved Baba and Mama as they represent us, for you are us, and one of us,……. ours 

and, one of our own


Even when colourless tears turned bloody tears your chests wets, but our also ours

drains, for you are a part of MTs nuclear family and community member of our own


Dana !you lost your beloved parents it is shocking and devastating may at  times bring

you to the rhetoric question of, why……………..why me? Oh my Lord !  its Gods will!

Its Almighty Gods wish…………… mistake………………………… question about it!

Remember God loves you,  for you are his own, but also you are our own.


Dana you are not an orphan nor alone but MTs child with a voice and as a free-spirited

bird who can fly and when emotionally overwhelmed can land on MTs shoulders and lean

 on...for we are here for you….if you need us… or need a listening-ear….we shield you 

with our words not with an arrow and spear against whoever wants us to tear but as a

community we become your sweet pear among a society….dear, as you are one of our own


Even if two five to five plus two seven seven dates……. doesn’t make the sum even, but 

menories of dark and bitter/sad days bodys stiffens as it spurs traumatic events, we are

with you 24/7 and can not leave you alone, like a cone we are with you, and your`re 

among us and not alone, even if you are now on your own, you are like a limp of our 



Its Almighty Gods will – nothing and no-one can convince him to re-schedule nor adjorn

we are here to support you, hope our presence will serve as a pain-relief and further……. 

devastation adjorn and let you know that you are not alone but with us now and always

as our own 


For their time has come, for them to say goodbye, to the earth and world, for their lord has

their soul beckon to meet them not to your life..torn, but be rest assured even if they were

in a hurry and forgot…………… say goodbye to Dana, they are safe, for they are his own 

and you are not on your own, but with him thy-Lord and safe in MTs hands as our own

For Gods`action may sometimes imply or hiddenly encripted in a silent…secret message 

we may not decipher, God knows better………………but may be………… ,  he is trying to 

convey a message to you, that says Dana! be strong for your brothers`sake and take 

care of yourself and for each other and think someday of initiating a life of your own


Escorted by angels to heaven and Dana`s bloody tears is dear turns clear, and even far 

is near, for it showers the way and leaves a fragrance and scent of musk and UuD on their

souls and gowns adorn, for your their beautiful baby and no one other than their own but

also a daughter of our own


Don`t despair for you will leave in their hearts forever and ever Ameen! but leave us never!

for you are not alone but in our minds as MT member, as a friend and as a blogger and as 

one of our own


Bide them a warm farewell kiss for their sweet souls to rest in eternal peace mingled with

prayers from Danas lips, its a crown, their shrine will shine, for your are not alone theirs, 

but also as a daughter, our sister and as one of our own


For you are their special gift in heaven and on earth, don`t despair 24/7, for you will meet

them one day, but for now, you have to be very strong for yourself and for your brothers sake

here and, continue to make MT proud…………… for you are one of us, and, ours and our own


Dana! say Mama and Baba goodbye! and rest in peace for you`re my world! My body! My 

heart and my soul! My sunshine and My beloved ones! and both  you are in my heart and

soul for now and always! you will stay nor torn or thrown, for you will never be deceased

but remain alive- and never cease, as a crown for your are my own parents and only my own


Dana! say nothing will tear us apart! even if already gone for your memories will always be 

cherished and remain in my soul adorn, and not thrown, for they are no ones else but only 

specially mine and only mine alone, like my gown, I own, and they are my own


With a tender touch like a birds feather heeze is Migrant Tales breeze that soothes and calm

your heart and nerves with shared empathy and mutual understanding and care with a breeze

of its own kind encased in letters MT, Migrant Tales whispers softly in your ears, Mmmmmmm


sounds like Emp..tttttttttttttttttttty.!..EMPTY.!…Dana !…the dark closet holding the unbearable pain…

to avoid being traumatized, for you are not alone but, MTs and our own

Engraved with letters M and T, is a special message from Migrant Tales to you our Dana! 

Which says ” We are with you! As you! We stand by you ! And we are always for you and 

We will always be with you……………………….. dear Dana! to help create a new  fibre and a

new layer to numb the pain that swelled and roots grown, for your one among many in our

community and not one of a kind but one of our own


For MT has helped your ordeal known, with a bright light it shines in one of the darkest 

night and, continues to lighten the earth and shines the sky yet clears your chest off, the 

burden, that suffocates and hearts hardens as like a string your sorrow are now also in their

soul sown, for you are not alone nor like anyone else but as Dana! you are one of their own


Dana! you are not alone as you embark in this difficult journey to recovery and healing 

for you are not  alone… look! who is sitting next to you..Enrique; beside you…is JD, Mark 

among others, for we are all here, with you not away from you, but so……. near.. to you..

for you are.. dear, and not alone in a deserted zone like a drone, we are with you here and

its known, as you are one of our own


MT will wrap you in its colourful Migrant Tales shawl, showered with inordinate sympathy

and  sincere message of condolences so far yet so near, and, will still continues to be shown,

to help you regain back your strength and be as fit as a fiddle –  for your are one of Finlands`

family members, who is mourning for her beloved parents and one of our MTs communitys`

members and our own



Like a water spray we cool the burning tears and sorrow that engulfes your body, mind and

soul for we can see and hear and not at all far but so near, within a press of a button or a 

click of a mouse, as together we all mourn, for you are not alone, but always remember

you are one of our own


Even if there is nothing to hang out for a moment but incredible stress but you can bear

for your stronger inside as outside even if torn – we standby you, to pick you up when you

fall or trip, for you not theirs alone, but also, our own


As we embark with you in this journey not to unknown, but to help you recover and from 

grief known, for you are not alone, but our special Dana! who is always with us, and none

other, than one of our own


Migrant Tales flag has been flying half-mask from May to July and will continue as we 

mourn for the demise of Dana`s beloved ones- her parents-dear Baba and Mama who are

not none other, than also our own. 


Its a moment of silence, as we tie a ribbon of Migrant Tales, with initials MT, together

with our bare two hands and say good bye to Danas Baba and Mama! for they are not

your parents alone, but also our own


Migrant Tales as a special community among a society in Finland is engaged in a shared unified sense of purpose of  giving a voice  to the voiceless and reaching-out  to touch lives and make a difference, like now Dana as we mourn all together………for you’re also one among many, and as a part and a parcel of MTs blog, we are touched by your pain and sorrow and as you are grieving, you can`t be left alone but kept under the shelter of the MT`s tree which offer a shed of a kind of its own, for you are  Dana!  one of our own.

To Dana…………………………………………………………….From Migrant Tales!

 is our message of sincere condolences, as we say in unisom Dana! 

You are not alone but ours….. and one of own and together we mourn

For your grief is our grief…………………. and your sorrow is our sorrow

for your parents are also our parents and as a community we mourn

for you are our own


Courtesy of Migrant Tales


  1. Brave

    Hello and thank you darling
    Hugs, GOLDEN hugs to you
    You have a great and beautiful destiny, you and your family
    Family is best word, be safe with your family
    Yes we are one family on MT.
    Be safe MT
    Take good care dear