Former Finnish PS councilman to be charged for inciting ethnic hatred

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Tommi Rautio, the former city councillor of Köyliö in western Finland, who suggested giving a medal to a killer after he shot and killed a Muslim at an Oulu pizzeria in February, will be charged for inciting ethnic hatred, reports YLE

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YLE reported that the Satakunta region prosecutor wants to slap Rautio with “a heavy fine” for threatening, defamatory and abusive language against immigrants.

Rautio wrote on his Facebook page:  “If Janne is the one [who shot the foreigners at the pizzeria] then we should give Janne a medal…there is already a war going on and in every war [soldiers] are decorated.”

The cold-blooded killing in Oulu, was one of four Muslim deaths reported during a tragic four-week period in January-February.

Rautio was sacked in March from the PS.

The former councilman ran again for councilman but was not reelected. He got nine votes.

One of the matters that raised some eyebrows after the Rautio affair was being covered nationally by the media, were plans by the police to not investigate the case.

The police announced three days later that it would, however, carry out an investigation whether Rautio incited racial hatred with his statements.