Five MLK quotes that are relevant to Finland today

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By Enrique Tessieri

U.S. Civil Rights Movement champion, Martin Luther King Jr. (1928-68), is still a source of guiding inspiration for many victims of discrimination and oppression throughout the world. Below are five MLK quotes that are relevant to Finland.

The mere idea that some Finns and our institutions reinforce the myth of ethnic purity have caused me to think many times. Such a claim is preposterous since we have always been culturally diverse* like any European group.

The interesting question we should be asking, however, is why some of us continue to cling to such a myth.  Is it being challenged today? If so, how?

In order to maintain such a myth that has its roots in racism, we must divide society into ethnic groups and place them on a scale. Very generally speaking, white Finns are, naturally on top of the totem pole, while darker-skinned groups are at the bottom.

In my opinion, the fact that some white Finns still believe they have all the moral right to impose their narrow-minded and racist views on other groups speaks volumes about the present state of our society.

Below are five MLK quotes that may help shed light on who we are and, hopefully, further the cause of greater acceptance and empower Finns as well as immigrants to build a society based on one of our greatest values: social equality.

1. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Hating those that oppress you can never be the right strategy to challenge racism in society. Hatred is such a strong emotion that it can easily blind people. It is the illness that has inflicted those that oppress and loathe you.

2. “A right delayed is a right denied.” 

This quote speaks for itself.  Much of the discrimination that goes on in Finland is fueled as well by apathetic immigrants or so-called Mamu-setäs who are comfortable with “delayed rights.”   Immigrants and minorities must fight for their rights. It will never be given to us by the majority without a struggle.

3. “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

Sites like My Finland is International and others are good examples of groups demanding greater rights and acceptance in Finland.  Empower yourself and get active. Be patient and be ready for a long struggle. We cannot change the world but we can influence those around us with our humble example.

4. “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”

If  there is a motto that should unify all immigrants, minorities and Finns fighting against discrimination, it is the above-mentioned by MLK in his famous 1963,  “I have a dream” speech.

5. “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”

This quote is dedicated to all those vacillating politicians, the Finnish media and even a part of the general public as well as immigrants that have chosen to remain silent to the menace posed to our society by anti-immigration parties and groups.  It is during these difficult times when countries like Finland need leadership – not complacent silence.


*By cultural diversity we mean a society that is made up of different ethnic and religious groups. Some of these minorities include Finns with multicultural backgrounds. Contrary to far-right groups, Migrant Tales defines multiculturalism as cultural diversity. It is NOT an immigration policy that permits non-Europeans from moving to Finland and Europe.

  1. eyeopener

    1. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

    Yeah, it might be true. What should be added here that love needs action. Without action love is meaningless!!

    2. “A right delayed is a right denied.”

    Not necessarily true. However it remains to be investigated what causes the delay!! When delay is caused by undue argumentation, obstruction due to mental or moral resistance or other non-related actions this statement must be supported.

    3. “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

    This is taken from its context obviously. Nevertheless, when taken into a wider meaning it means that “oppressed” or “people denied” should raise their voice supported by citizens, politicians who agree, to demand legal actions must be taking to ensure equal treatment under the law. Such an approach pictures a country as “balanced in their democratic foundations” and the constitutional principle of “all men are born equally”.

    4. “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”

    I would like to extent this quote to all possible criteria of discrimination (female, disabled , split-eyed and other irrelevant issues such as religion etc.) Who you are is not a matter of simple criteria. Ignorance and denial a bad advisors. Openness is a challenging attitude, not easy at all. Everybody knows, many really live by this quote but few still believe in the “UBERMENSCH” illusion. Probably these who deny have to re-live their past!!

    5. “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”

    Fully agree!!. I was pleasantly surprised by the call of our outgoing President Ms. Tarja Halonen. I would like to extend her call to everybody who agrees to voice tomorrow on Independence Day the right to be a Finn and a Foreigner in a wonderful Finland without discrimination.

  2. Eduardo

    Apparently you fail to realize the irony in MLK’s desire for himself and all other black people to be judged by the “content of their character”.

    How do you characterize the “character” of an unabashed plagiarist, a serial philanderer and sexual predator who was funded by his country’s enemies?

    And by extension, how should we think about the collective “character” of African-Americans, who are far more likely to commit violent crimes such as murder, assault or rape than any other ethnic group in America, who have consistently low levels of academic achievement, civic involvement or philanthropy? How should we judge the “character” of a group that is vastly overrepresented, according to their percentage of the total population, as welfare recipients, but vastly underrepresented as scientists, entrepreneurs or volunteers? This all despite more than 50 years of laws that systematically and explicitly favor “African Americans” in every imaginable American endeavour?

    Anyone with any sort of intellectual honesty would judge their “character” to be low, degraded, and entirely objectionable.

    Regarding Halonen, there is possibly no one on the planet less qualified to comment on the issue than an elderly FInnish socialist apparatchik who has never had anything whatsoever to do with Africans, other than perhaps shaking the hands of a few dictators over the years or awarding diversity prizes to Somali children in Helsinki. Halonen lives in the fantasy world of Finnish and Swedish media and has almost certainly never been exposed to the “hate facts” known as demographic statistics that demonstrate systematic behavioral differences between the races. I would further assume that she has no clue as to the underlying fundamentals of biology and genetics, and like many elitist diversityists, considers words like “genes” or “heredity” to be horrifying hate speech.

    Now I invite justicedemon to magically invoke his favourite Norwegian.

  3. eyeopener

    @ Eduardo

    I like your description of MLK. You seem to have all the evidence? Or do you have connections to the KKK. Wouldn’t surprise me?? By all means, Plagiarism is not the privilige of black people. Remember Germany 2011. Minister?? Oeps!! Careful boy!!

    The “so-called over-representation” as you call it is a result of your “white-man’s pursuit ” of profit. Normally you would call it slavery. In ypur terminonolgy it will be “making use of availble resources”

    You are the master of human judgement hiding behind “common sense” You are a coward as well.

    You present yourself as the “Master of the Universe”. I started to wonder if you are one of these “booboos” of the PS who do not want to identify themselves as “True Finns”. Bad attitude as a debater. Your slimy story of Asian country occupied by Russia is an absolute hoax.

    Your problem with genetics is a well-known topic in “white man’s land”. Don’t you have a better one?? Are you a Mengele fan??

    Justice Demon is absolutely right in his comments on your comments. I am not JD. Nevertheless it seems to me that you have not probles whatsoever with the Breivik killings.

    The 13 Knights Templar??

  4. eyeopener

    @ Eduardo/KKK

    You seem to be quite eligible on the American-African scene, aren’t you??

    Just some remarks and questions. Please answer with sources!! We want to be correct, don’t we??

    You have not answered my comments on your statistical approach “violent crime” (black and white) in America.

    Secondly: Have you also so many statistics on “white and black not-violent” crime?? Maybe far more devastating to the States than your accusations??

    Maybe you provide statistics about this “scientific achievement, civic involvement and philantropy” statement of you.

    Why would black, blue, red and other coloured people be overrepresented in claims of social welfare?? And don’t come up with these easy populistics answers as the problem is far more problematic than the “bar-solution” (Remember: The All In The Family Judgements)

    I hope that one day Finnish society will say a similar thing to you. You are without any diginty and respect.

    And don’t call youyrself a Finn. You humilate 75% of the Finnish population.

    Maybe you will shout YOUR OPINION tomorrow on Independence Day. You will be beeroed, pecked and feathered!!

    Shame on you!!

  5. justicedemon


    You say so what to segregation in access to political influence and public services, but then you come over all prudish and outraged over allegations about somebody’s private life? Methinks there are some repressed issues there. A far more interesting question concerns the kind of society that seeks to gather information about the private lives of selected individuals through electronic surveillance of bedroom peccadillos.

    This reference puts things in a more comprehensive perspective and is free of the evidently racist motivations displayed in your third paragraph.

    In any case, we are interested in the ideals, not some silly cult of personality. Judging by your persistent attempts to avoid my questions about the ethics of discriminating against billions of human beings on the basis of arbitrarily selected secondary biological characteristics, this is something that you are evidently afraid to discuss.

    How are your “statistics” weighted for socio-economic status? Are they as reliable as the corresponding statistics showing disproportionate criminal propensities of Finnish immigrants in Sweden in the 1970s? Come on, Mr Pseudo-Intellectual, let’s examine the details of your statistical methodology.

  6. Mary Mekko

    I remember riding the BART (underground system) in San Francisco to work one morning on a MLK holiday, sitting next to a young black man. He immediately turns to the friend behind him and SHOUTS! in my ear so that the friend behind him can hear him. No one on the train is surprised at this outrageous and lowlife behavior, because with black young guys, better zip your lip than risk your life. He could have a gun, a knife, be on drugs, kill you on the spot… and no nonwhite (the majority on a San Francisco morning train, BTW, mostly Asians..) will step up and defend you against such a stupid and aggressive black guy. Your only choice is to change seats – but all seats are taken and so is the standing room, so what to do?

    I put my fingers in my ears for one long ride between stops, but he was taking no hint, not from whitey!

    People were laughing at both me and him (or whichever), but no one would stop him.

    Finally I put my fingers in my ears again, and proclaimed louldy, “I HAVE A DREAM! I HAVE a DREAM that ONE DAY I will ride BART without a BLACK MAN SHOUTING IN MY EARS!!!!and that black man will APOLOGIZE!! THAT is my DREAM Alleluai praise the LOrd! and Martin Luther KING!!!! Happy Birthday, MLK and see your brethren sowing hate!!!

  7. Mary Mekko

    BTW, people laughed, he shut up, and everyone applauded and started joking, “Alleluia, Martin Luther King!!!”

    As if MLK did anything ever for 92% of the Americans, namely, nonwhites, who suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous chip-on-the-shoulder endless-victims blacks (mulattos to be exact).

  8. eyeopener

    @ Mary Mekko.

    How does it feel to be in a situation that you are not the Master of the Universe according to the Whites. Awful isn’t it??

    That’s what happen everyday to “coloured people”.

    Being kicked out of your own “native habitat” certainly gives you the right to set the rules for other people who are kicked out of the “native habitat”.

    It doesnot matter in this case if “kicking out” is voluntary or involuntary. Does it??

    In case: why are there so many Irish (voluntary) in the US. Oh,yeah. Family reunion, marriage to an Irish American etc. B……………t!! And this is excatly what you deny other people!!

    Look into your own mirror.

  9. Eduardo

    Justicesatan, you realize, I hope, that the link you provide confirms the fact that MLK was a plagiarizing, prostitute-obsessed communist? It just points out that nothing was done about it, obviously because the university officials also subscribe to the preposterous belief that he was a god. Presumably MLK intuitively subscribed to some sort of liberal Calvinism, according to which salvation is sola fide and could therefore do whatever he wanted, although I doubt he knew anything about this history of this soteriological position, despite all the plagiarism.

    That’s great that you’re interested in ideals. Let me guess – you also have a dream? A dream that the entire population of Ouagadougou will move here as quickly as possible and enrich all of our lives?

    The FBI crime data are publicly available, as I’ve already pointed out, so feel free to get some data and conduct your own factor analysis. Because you’re too lazy to do so, take a look here, particularly at figures 14-17, where race, education level, poverty level and unemployment level are the independent variables. And yes, I’m aware of what the SLPC thinks.

    Also of interest might be this link, where we can observe a nice summary of disproportionately overrepresented black dysfunction and depravity as it was manifest during the recent London riots. Mary’s anecdotal experience confirms that this sort of behavior is not limited to London.

    In the link you post to her in response, we see a rude woman from Croydon daring to be unhappy about the fact that the entire population of Mbuji-Mayi or Lubumbashi has now settled in London to be supported by indigenous taxpayers. Of course, this sort of thought crime was covered in every major news source in all of Europe, leading to a fevered effort by Metropolitan Police to identify and arrest this thought criminal as quickly as possible. Thank goodness she is now imprisoned and our Congolese friends safe from the hateful suggestion that they are not Britons.

    There are many examples of black dysfunction on public transport systems as well. They generally involve brutal physical violence, and are not reported in the news. Take a look here, or here. I’m quite certain justicesatan is not concerned about the victims of these crimes – more important to be worried about a negro communist not being able to sit where she wanted in 1955.

    • Enrique

      –Justicesatan, you realize, I hope, that the link you provide confirms the fact that MLK was a plagiarizing, prostitute-obsessed communist?

      Eduardo, I think this sentence shows more who you are than what you want to label MLK.

  10. justicedemon


    So now you go back to muck raking as if this is in some way relevant to the civll rights movement ideal of fair and equitable access to political processes and public services. You evidently did not read the reference that I supplied, but more importantly you have failed to appreciate the obvious point that claims about King’s private life really do not matter. Racial discrimination would still be wrong, even if he had horns and a forked tail. The use of unlawful covert surveillance by agents of the State, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter.

    You evidently create all these smoke screens to avoid addressing the fundamental point. Please explain how the secondary biological characteristics that enable a bus driver to categorise individuals by race give rise to any need to segregate seating arrangements on buses or the right to vote and stand for political office.

    Judging by the superficial appearance of Emma West and more particularly by the dialect of English that she speaks, it’s a fairly safe bet that she has ancestors from Central or Southern Europe within the last two to six generations. That’s an ad hominem point, of course, but one that has a certain impact all the same. BNP leader Nick Griffin has refused to take a dna test out of fear that his Roma/Sinti origins will be exposed.

    Why don’t you tell us about the New Century Foundation and the anonymous blogger HumStats? You refer to various places in francophone Africa, but these are hardly the principal countries of origin of immigrants to the UK over the last two centuries. Most 20th century immigrants to the UK were English speaking holders of British passports.

  11. Eduardo

    Justicesatan, if you post a link in which all of my contentions about MLK are confirmed, and not refuted, of course I’ll remark upon this bizarre argumentative strategy. I’m not concerned if some negro a long time ago had low morals, but I object to the insipid and unrelenting valorization of this lowlife as a hero amongst men. He was a tool in the context of 20th-century political maneuvering, but as a person had few or no admirable qualities or important ideas.

    As you undoubtedly believe that race “doesn’t exist” and is merely a “social construct”, it would require some fairly basic remedial biology in order to apprise you of concepts such as genetic diversity and how kin selection or inclusive fitness are relevant to population demographics. Suffice to say that humans have never been uninvested in the biological facts of their existence, and that out-group altruism is an anomaly, only possible under a fairly extensive system of ideological regimentation and control, such as exists in our contemporary Western world.

    You will be aware, of course, that one’s dialect has nothing to do with genetic ancestry, so speculation as to the ancestry of Emma West based on her speech is preposterous. Based on the blond hair of her child, I would speculate she is of native British stock. The pattern of blond children whose hair darkens with age is very common amongst northwest Europeans of mixed Celtic ancestry.

    It’s up to you to interpret and refute my two sources, which clearly show that persons of African ancestry are vastly overrepresented as criminals in Western societies according to the size of their relative populations. All available data shows this trend, and no available data contradicts it. Of course in recent years governments have been less willing to make criminal statistics concerning race available, undoubtedly because the statistics do not reflect diversityist doctrine that “culture” determines everything. The Swedish and Finnish statistical offices no longer make this data available on their public websites, although the data is certainly recorded. The USA and to a lesser extent the UK have not yet been forced to adhere to this regimen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future it will be forbidden to record “race” when compiling criminal data (but “race” will of course still be used for “positive discrimination” in order to benefit non-whites). Feel free to provide links to 1970s statistics on foreigner criminality in Sweden. Note that I don’t dispute higher rates of criminality for Finns in Sweden during that time period, but suspect that the relatively small difference would likely become statistically insignificant after controlling for demographic variables. The difference in violent criminality between whites and blacks in the USA, however, is far too large to be explained by differences in income/education/class/etc., as link 1 above shows.

  12. eyeopener


    That’s exactly the place where the lady belong. For once you are absolutely right. Must feel good to hear that, isn’t it!!

  13. justicedemon


    You obviously did not read the link that I provided and now you are simply embarrassing yourself. For example, please show me where the link confirms your assertion that MLK was prostitute-obsessed. It’s similarly interesting that you now claim:

    I’m not concerned if some negro a long time ago had low morals

    when only two days ago you began this exchange by saying:

    How do you characterize the “character” of an unabashed plagiarist, a serial philanderer and sexual predator who was funded by his country’s enemies? … Anyone with any sort of intellectual honesty would judge their “character” to be low, degraded, and entirely objectionable.

    Do you often launch such unprompted tirades about things that you are “not concerned about”?

    Dialect in this case is a good clue to childhood background and community location, which I would place somewhere broadly between Whitechapel and Romford or maybe more narrowly between Wapping and Stratford (perhaps displaced into Metropolitan Essex since the 1950s). These areas of the UK have long been staging posts for immigration, which is why your political forebears targeted (and got their comeuppance at) Cable Street in the 1930s.

    I invited you to detail the credentials of the New Century Foundation and the anonymous blogger HumStats. You are clearly afraid to do so.

    What did you mean by controlling for demographic variables?

    Finally I return you to the point that you have continually refused to address:

    Please explain how the secondary biological characteristics that enable a bus driver to categorise individuals by race give rise to any need to segregate seating arrangements on buses or the right to vote and stand for political office.

    You obviously can’t. The civil rights movement was about opposition to policies that segregated access to public services and political processes on the basis of skin colour. You have yet to show any rationale for telling a black person where she may sit on a bus or preventing her from voting or standing for office in elections. Your views in this respect are about as scientifically cogent as phrenology.

  14. eyeopener


    Super argumentation!! Eduardo will however come up with his next escapade. It’s predictable as there is no foundation for his “genes” approach. Maybe he is Dr. Frankenstein???

    Obsessions are Eduardo’s joy. Places him in the psychiatric field of investigation. Probably he is one of the Knights Templar contract of Mr. Anders Breivik. “Criminally insane” was the verdict of the Norwegians psychiatrists. Maybe he is………??

    JD!! you position Eduardo in special part of the North Thames area in London. Ever thought he might come from somewhat more East: Billingsgate??

    Hi Eduardo. Your ideas swim with the fish!!

  15. Eduardo

    Justicedemon you are astoundingly dense. If MLK wants to insist that he and other black people be judged by the “content of their character”, then we will do so by drawing attention to their multiple character defects. We can either conclude that MLK, and many other black people, have depraved characters, based not on their skin colour but on their reprehensible actions, or we can dispense with the idea of morality entirely, as I’m sure you would be willing to do if you think it somehow defends your god-negro. If you want to glorify some reprobate or claim that morality doesn’t exist, then feel free, but don’t accuse anyone who disagrees else of “unprompted tirades”.

    You might imagine yourself to be a proper little Henry Higgins, and you’ve already made some quite ridiculous linguistic claims such as the knee-slapper about the Finnish lexicon consisting entirely of IE borrowings, but people who don’t just make things up know that highly distinctive London neighborhood dialects disappeared long ago. There’s no reason to assume Emma West is from anywhere else than Croydon, and the contemporary speech of the few remaining non-Nigerian inhabitants of Croydon is certainly not different in any measurable sense from the speech of the few remaining indigenous inhabitants of Stratford, especially for a person in her late 20s or early 30s, as Emma West appears to be.

    I’m not the least bit surprised that you are utterly dumbfounded by the principles of basic biology, as indicated by your incoherent use of terminology like “secondary biological characteristics”, which I imagine you have muddled up whilst vaguely misremembering some long-ago school lessons about “secondary sexual characteristics”. Biology, genetics, phrenology, not letting a heroic negro sit in a bus – it’s all pretty much the same, right justicedemon?

    I won’t bother to educate you any further on biological basics until you do a bit of remedial reading. Also, you need to provide us with your razor-sharp analysis of weaknesses in the statistical methodology of the source I have provided. Please take the time to explain in exactly what way the factor analysis does not accurately represent the distributional tendencies of the data, if you believe this to be the case. I’m looking forward to some highly entertaining reading.

    eyeopener, I know you’re trying hard, but maybe it would be a better idea to comment on Albanian-language blogs, or Somali blogs, or blogs in a language that you can actually write, if there are any.

  16. justicedemon


    The discussion of regional dialect concerned Emma West, a mentally disturbed person who has been adopted as the latest poster child of the fascists following an episode of offensive behaviour on a public transport service in South London.

    Your geography is awry if you think that Billingsgate is east of Whitechapel. The Billingsgate Market has now moved to Docklands, but the original Belinus gate area is just north of the river between London Bridge and the Tower.

  17. eyeopener

    @ Eduardo.

    Do you have some extremely entertaining readings suggestions for me?? In the case of genetics, biology, phrenology, statistics that I do not already know??

    Sorry for my basic English!!

  18. eyeopener

    @ JD

    I was referring to Eduardo’s mental thinking location. I know very well this move of the Billingsgate Fishmarket. That’s already a long time ago. I didn’t want to be so precise on the location of his mental sewer.

    But you are right as is my conclusion 🙂

  19. justicedemon


    Does that mean that you will no longer judge MLKJ according to the colour of his skin? This is, after all, the essential point.

    How will the bus driver or the polling booth official test the content of your character before deciding whether you may sit at the front of the bus or cast your vote? Should the FBI place illegal listening devices in your bedroom to determine this?

    Are you big enough to admit now that you didn’t read my link, and that it does not, after all, support your claim that MLKJ was prostitute-obsessed? Didn’t think so, but I shall keep reminding you anyway.

    I think you understood the point that there is no scientifically credible way to justify restricting access to public services or political participation on the basis of skin colour, any more than on the basis of lumps on the head. Your apartheid ambitions have no scientific foundation. The term “secondary biological characteristic” is also entirely coherent and its meaning is obvious, particularly in relation to skin colour, but perhaps you would prefer phenotypic characteristic.

    Where did I claim that the Finnish lexicon consists entirely of IE borrowings? Get ready to apologise again (except that you aren’t big enough to apologise, as we have already seen).

    Emma West’s dialect is quite distinctive, and is certainly not located in Croydon. This is obvious, even based on the limited sample available. I only called attention to this because her speech patterns are quite typical of an area of East London that has been a veritable melting pot of immigrant influences for at least two centuries. Much, perhaps most, of this population has now relocated to a region that may broadly be described as an extended Metropolitan Essex, but the origins of the dialect are solidly in the area that I described. As indicated above, it’s an ad hominem point, but without immigration it is unlikely that Emma West would even have been born.

    The “source” that you provided? You have yet to detail the credentials of the New Century Foundation and the anonymous blogger HumStats, and you are clearly afraid to do so, because you know that these sources are quite disreputable.

  20. Eduardo

    Finally, we are in agreement. I’ll continue to judge him according to his miserable character.

    Now allow me to observe, justicedemon, that we are not living in 1955 in Alabama. No bus drivers are going to force me or anyone else to sit anywhere. The heroic negroes in our glorious present time are free to sit wherever they like, or to physically assault the other passengers, if they so wish. Your stubborn fixation on this particular episode, and the fervor with which you desperately attempt to force an interpretation of the past based on prevailing contemporary societal conventions further suggest that you are completely incapable of comprehending the fact that not everything has always been how it is right now at this instant, including attitudes towards race. The heathens of the distant past, such as those hateful “white beasts” of Montgomery, were not yet aware of the message of salvation of contemporary Diversityism. They still lived in the dark ignorance of jahiliya, and were perhaps even believers in those obscene black magics known as facts, reliable empirical data, and science. Thank goodness comrade Trotsky, chairman Halonen and Politburo secretary Blankfein have almost completely eradicated them.

    Your speculation as to Emma West is not convincing. There are no longer substantial differences between the spoken varieties of English in south London and the spoken varieties in east London, a fact long since noted by phoneticians. There is nothing distinctly east London about Emma West’s speech. Your further speculation that she is descended from immigrants is even more preposterous – it demonstrates that you have a limited grasp of facts, limited powers of intuition, and a tendency towards fantastical thinking. I’m not concerned about Emma West and where she is from, but your interpretation is just not convincing.

    Now please hurry up and begin your statistical analysis of the data on black violent criminality. The data in the cited reference is taken directly from the FBI. Go to the FBI website and get the same data, if you are terrified of the “New Century Foundation”. You can get similar data from any year. It doesn’t matter. Black people have been far more violent every year in which data has been recorded. Conduct the factor analysis and tell us why race doesn’t explain the variance in the data far more efficiently than does any other demographic factor.

    I’m guessing your response will include that powerful magic word comrade Trotsky is famous for having invented.

  21. justicedemon


    I note that you have finally agreed with the ideals of the civil rights movement. You can find no justification for segregation or political exclusion based on skin colour. It does not matter what you think of MLKJ personally, as it’s quite evident that you have an aversion to black people that influences all other considerations. There is a name for that mindset.

    It’s interesting that in discussing MLKJ you should consider that I have a stubborn fixation on the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the civil rights movement. I call this sticking to the point and dismissing your muck raking and general Gish Gallop. I mean, what was all that tosh in your second paragraph – white beasts, Blankfein – what are you drivelling about?

    You claimed that MLKJ was prostitute-obsessed, and you further claimed that I supplied a link confirming this. Wrong on both counts, but you just can’t bear to admit it.

    Nowhere have I claimed that the Finnish lexicon consists entirely of IE borrowings. You made that one up as well.

    Concerning your remark on regional dialects in the Greater London area, this little bit of your rhetoric is worth quoting:

    you are completely incapable of comprehending the fact that not everything has always been how it is right now at this instant

    I am not disputing the contention that the speech patterns of the East End of London are nowadays much less distinctive and much more diverse than they were in the interwar years. What I am saying is that Emma West’s idiolect displays an obvious connection to those originally localised patterns. If you asked me to speculate where a person with such an idiolect comes from nowadays, I might guess at Metropolitan Essex, but I would be more sure about where her parents and grandparents came from. The children and grandchildren of workers at the Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company worked on the assembly line at Ford Dagenham. A different location, but the same community with the same melting pot history. I do not care how convincing this is for you. If we were both searching for Emma West’s great grandparents, then I would go straight to the civil registration records for Poplar parish at Tower Hamlets Register Office while you wasted your time in Croydon. Simple as.

    Tell us why you rely on the New Century Foundation and the anonymous blogger HumStats. What convinces you that they are presenting an even-handed and balanced view, and have no political axe to grind?

  22. Mary Mekko

    Justicedemon, I see that you cannot address the real issue, that the black male was harassing me, and of course, you will not condemn his low moral character. Was I attacking him? Did I ever attack a black male? Are you kidding? Few nonblacks in America would take such a chance.

    So it’s terrible that a black female Communist, deliberately planted as a substitute for an underage black pregnant girl denied a seat, could not sit down. Yet it’s okay with you if a white female gets shouted at in her ears on the way to her own hard job, oh, just fine! And if she speaks against it, drawing on the authority of the great MLK, that’s WRONG??? Excuse me, what about the “content of the man’s character”? Can you really only discriminate against whites in your book?

    You are a sad case in seeing everything as black and white. I saw the man as despicable and used an authority figure to bring attention to his character defects. A slap would have been better? What would you have done, I’d like to know, fight back against a “victim”? (since by definition every black in USA is a victim and I’m a great and wonderful oppressor).

  23. justicedemon


    Which specific posting of mine are you referring to?

    Most of your earlier posting was about your own internal conflicts. What you experience depends on your own character. If you carry so much hate with you wherever you go, then don’t be surprised when you find yourself living in a hateful world.

  24. Eduardo

    Wow, justicedemon, this keeps getting better and better. What’s next – you went back in time and insulted Emma West’s grandfather? Keep it up, I’m enjoying this unparalleled display of arrogant ignorance.

    You obviously don’t have the slightest clue about why people speak the way they do, so I’ll try to keep it very simple, so that even a novice like you can understand:
    1. There are no distinctive micro-accents in London anymore, and there haven’t been any for a long time.
    2. Emma West’s accent can only be localized in a general sense to “greater London”.
    3. Children do not imitate the accents of their parents. The learn their accents from their social milieu. This is why the London-born children of people from Scotland do not sound Scottish, but rather like other Londoners.
    4. What you imprecisely identify as an East London accent in Emma West has absolutely no bearing on where her parents or grandparents may have lived. They may well have been monolingual Welsh speakers, for all we know.
    5. The English working classes are well-known for being much less mobile than higher classes or other nationalities such as Scottish, Irish or Welsh.
    6. In absence of other evidence, we can assume that Emma West and her parents, and her grandparents are from Croydon.

    Your weak analysis, based on made-up facts and obtusely incorrect assumptions, merely reinforces the suspicion that you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, no matter the subject.

    My points regarding MLK remain valid. We are discussing the content of his character, as he explicitly advised us to do, and not his physical traits. Your link confirms his plagiarism and close ties to communism, and his prostitute obsession is euphemistically referred to in the highly biased source – an account by his friend and associate Abernathy – with phrases such as “he had a great love of women”. As a demon of justice, you should be aware that in the absence of physical evidence, it is necessary to consider all sources of indirect evidence, including the many accounts of MLK’s dealings with prostitutes over the years. For example, on the night before receiving the Nobel prize, MLK apparently entertained several prostitutes in his Stockholm hotel room, according to the Assistant Director of the FBI. Oh, of course, the FBI is automatically “biased” and “racist”, you are fuming – obviously, because they were not bowing down and worshiping MLK! You are ignorant of the public record and convinced that nothing bad could possibly true about this negro god, because you are narrow-minded ideologue.

    Now it’s time for you to do some statistical analysis. All of the data are from public sources. I have no idea who “humstats” is, and the “New Century Foundation” is a group that is apparently hated by the SPLC and other diversityist elitists.

    You’ve already demonstrated your “command” of language sciences, and hinted at your ignorance of biology. Now you can demonstrate your utter unfamiliarity with the principles of mathematical statistics.

  25. eyeopener


    The same BLABLABLA again. Can’t you paly another record, because this one is broken!! Where is your originality 🙂 Wonder if in the sewer you can find it?? Billingsgate wasn’t it??