First night under a Spain sky

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Here’s one of the first picture I took from my hotel room of the Gran Vía in Madrid. Believe it or not, it’s about 2am. A travel guide of Madrid by the National Geographic asked where in Europe can you find a city where there are traffic jams at 5am Sunday?


Gran Vía is one of Madrid´s busy arteries at any hour.

  1. sean

    I wish I was under a Spanish Sky.
    It’s cold, wet, and miserable for this time of year here in St. Michael. As you the winter holiday starts here in St. Michael this week, and it should be a nice crisp minus five (there-a-bouts) with pleanty of snow- but alas, not so.
    Cool photo.

  2. nemoo

    Hey Sean, I know what you mean. But the weather here hasn’t been that good either: cool, overcast with some light showers. Yesterday was totally different, like a day in spring. Soon spring will hit St. Michael and it’ll be really nice — never mind summer, which is real nice in the Subarctic. Enrique