First days in Madrid

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For a person like me who grew up in Southern California, Spain in general and Madrid in particular have a special touch of home. Certainly if I’d want to get a good feel for the “European” Southern California I’d have to travel to Andalucia in southern Spain.

One of the matters that makes Spain such a special place is that it has developed socially in leaps and bounds during the past 40 years. It has a touch of Latin America but without the social problems. In many respects Madrid is a near-perfect city for me. I look forward to making this my new home.

Once I get an apartment and settled in, I’ll file some pictures of the city for everyone to feast their eyes.

  1. suburbanlife

    Happy settling into life in Madrid, Enrique. beautiful city. When I was there 42 years ago I got into a fight with a waiter in a cafe, because he tried to double bill me for lunch and coffee so I left him no tip. He was incensed and followed me down the street shouting rude epithets. It was in Madrid that I saw El Cordobez in a bull-fight. Great city! Hope you settle in a good place. G

  2. nemoo

    Hi G, many thanks for your nice thoughts. Too bad about the waiter. I haven’t had such problems but if I do I will sure raise a stir. I hope you are enjoying yourself in BC.