Finnish PS hardcore far-right MP gives a kick in the gut to the Romany minority

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By Enrique Tessieri

Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP Olli Immonen represents the worst of the worst when it comes to the acceptance of our ever-growing culturally diverse society. Apart from predicting a war between Islam and white Christian Europe, Immonen never loses the opportunity to kick the most vulnerable members of society in the guts. 

Migrant Tales warned recently that the PS in general and its far-right anti-immigration wing in particular will begin a new round of vicious attacks against immigrants and minorities to boost their sagging popularity in the polls as the municipal election nears on October 28.

Immonen said Monday on his Facebook page that the only way to deal with Roma street beggars in Finland from Romania and Bulgaria was to make begging a crime and  forcibly deport them back to their home countries.

Pekka Tuomola of the Helsinki Deaconess Institute asked Tuesday on MTV3  if it is even legally possible to make poverty a crime.  He said that Finland cannot close its eyes to the poor. The Romany minority problem is a European issue and  solutions must be found together with other countries, said Tuomola.

PS MP Immonen from Oulu, who has been strangely quiet concerning two tragic deaths of Muslims that took place in the northern Finnish city in January and February, appears to have a passion for the fascist Lapuan liike movement (1929-32) and its predecessor, IKL (1932-44).

One of the matters that the Lapuan liike movement did during its short-lived  heyday was kidnap its enemies like communists to the Finnish-Soviet border. The fascist party once even kidnapped a former president, Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg (1919-25), to the border.

When speaking of Romany beggars from Eastern Europe, Immonen uses the same term, or muiluttaa, that the Lapuan liike movement used when it kidnapped, beat up and sent its enemies to the Soviet border.

A tabloid Iltalehti reporter asked Immonen why he used the same term that the fascist party used when speaking of Eastern European Roma street beggars.

“I certainly did not mean that [term used by the Lapuan liike movement],” he said. “I have myself used the term muiluttaa [forcibly transport] as a synonym of transporting [them out of the country]. Does this mean specifically that [street] beggars should be escorted with the help of the authorities from Finland, if necessary even by force.”

Immonen, like other hardcore Suomen Sisu association members of the PS like MPs Jussi Halla-aho and James Hirvisaari and Juho Eerola, all belong to the same party that chairman Timo Soini claimed “doesn’t hate anyone.”

One of the aims of Suomen Sisu is to discourage white Finns from marrying foreigners.

  1. Allan

    The Romanian Romanies are not “a part of Finnish society” they are a part of Romania’s society. Finnish Roma are a part of Finnish society. Romania should take care of its own problems instead of dumping their own social issues on other countries. The situation of Roma in Romania will never improve, if the Romanians can unload the problem to others.

    EU laws on “freedom of movement” are quite clear – its freedom for workers. If a person is unable to support himself their home country is responsibe taking care of them. Its not a freedom of thieves nor freedom of beggars.

    • Migrant Tales

      –The Romanian Romanies are not “a part of Finnish society” they are a part of Romania’s society.

      They are Europeans, right?

      I don’t think hundreds, even thousands of Roma from Eastern Europe is flooding us with Romania’s problems. In Finland there are 10,000 Roma while in Romania there are 1.9 million and in Bulgaria a quarter of a million. All in all, there are in Europe about 9 million people who belong to this minority. So, Allan, don’t exaggerate.

      The Romany problem exists throughout Europe and it must be resolved as a common European effort. I never knew that freedom of movement, a part of our four freedoms (people, goods services, money) was only meant for people who are employed. Could you double check that?

  2. eyeopener

    Hi MT/JD

    In contrast to the common thinking that Romani are a “problem” I suggest the approach of understanding the Romani in the European Union.

    The history of Romani is a path of misery, poverty, exclusion. Why? That’s not even researched deeply.

    Stereotypying, discrimination and extermination has -as history shows- been the faith of the Romani. A similar picture can be drawn for the Jewish population in Europe throughout history.

    Our dear opponents try to brush the past under the carpet. Very convenient, very simple.

    Like denying Saami, Friesians, Basks their identity and force and squeeze them into the common “sense of the majority” or – as history has shown in an appaling way- exterminate them. Physically (Romani) or mentally (Friesians and Basks).

    Understanding and learning to live together in diversity is many bridges too far for our dear friends. Their solution is the creation of the “no-man”, not to speak of the “never-woman” ideology.

    So incredible simple. The clone-race. Lebensborn??

    This simplicity. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  3. Allan

    Yes, unfortunately in a modern society you need to get an education, stay in school past 9th grade, vocational or university and enter the rat race.

  4. eyeopener


    I have to take Mr.Immonen’s remarks seriously.


    His remarks come very close to the arguments to the SS opinion of excluding people that are different from the “übermensch”. I hope he realizes that many Finn people are also beggars. Oh yes. Working camps for those people who refuse to do the ordinary work!! Did I hear this before?? Wasn’t it Mr. Soini who brought up this issue!!

    Fair to claim such policy when -being anti-Europe- was paid an European parliament member salary. Cool but so simple!! I call this hypocracy.

    You would call it “being a politician” I guess?? The next degradation. So simple!!

    I have to accept the democratic parliamentary voting and I will. I have to accept that parliament members can get away with these statements. As simple as that.

    Will the opposition accept my opinions as simple as that as well??

    No, simply not!!

  5. eyeopener


    Your education is below any level. You know that, your history shows it. So, do me a favor and quit this blog.

    You are so simple!!

  6. eyeopener

    Kan ik ook Görän. Het beste is dat je deze blog verlaat. Je bent niet meer dan een klein idiootje en een speelballetje.

    Erg simpel om je te verbergen in een taal. Maar dat spreek voor je simpelheid.

    Eigenlijk wist je dat ook wel. Maar je misplaatste trots speelt je parten.

    Simpel maar waar!!

  7. eyeopener

    Hi Görän.

    Zelfs je cpoy-and-paste gedrag laat me wete dat je een andere persoon bent.

    Kun je een beetje slimmer worden.

    Ik moet kotsen!!

  8. Göran

    Migrant Tales

    why are you accepting this guy and his insulting and provocative hate-speech along with his incitements to violence and death?

  9. eyeopener

    Hi Swedish guy!

    Got a kick in the arse?? How does that feel?

    Your insults, violence hate-speech are a continuous annoyance to the people who are trying to solve their situation in Finland in their way. Did I threaten you with death?? Where and when my dear Görän. You are so simple!! Change you name to HatreSSan, Yossie, Allan or whatever name. GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT LOW OUTPUT.

    A shame of Finland, So simple.

    F:::::::k off. And if you have no other slimey excuse than accept that you are so simple!!

    Hi Görän. Not welcome here any more. Understood.

    So simple!!