The Finnish police tells three Afghan asylum seekers “we’ll deport you anyway!”

by , under Hussain Kazmenian

Three Afghan asylum seekers had an appointment with the police who detain them. Two of them got the second negative decision earlier.

At the police station, a police official told them that they were detaining them because they were going to flee the country. Before locking them up, the police asked them to sign their deportation agreement. They refused.

”We will not sign it,” said one of the Afghan asylum seekers.

”We will deport you anyway [even if you sign it or not],” the police officer said.

Not all Finnish police treat Afghan asylum seekers in this way. Some treat them with respect and fairly.

Deporting people back to Afghanistan, and despite the Finnish Immigration Service’s (Migri) assurances, the country hasn’t been safe for over thirty years.

Another factor complicating deportations is that many Afghans were born in Iran and Pakistan and didn’t have any identification.

Afghan and Iraqi asylum seekers in Finland demonstrated for 140 days in the center of Helsinki against Migri’s asylum policies and deportations.   

The EU and Finland signed an agreement last year with the corrupt Afghan government. There is very little information about those that are deported. One matter is for certain: There is no hope of living there because of the security situation.

It’s high time that Migri changes its assessment of Afghanistan and stop deporting people to that country.