Finnish police “service” use dogs to detain asylum seekers in Hyvinkää

by , under Enrique Tessieri

This weekend saw some pretty ghastly pictures when a group of police officers visited Hyvinkää to detain Afghan asylum seekers. The story is significant for the following reason: It is the first time this year that Finland starts to deport Afghan nationals.

Moreover, as the picture below shows, the police officer uses a dog to detain the asylum seekers.

The picture of the police officer and the dog is the ugly face of Finland’s asylum policy at present. It is a policy that has total disrespect for human rights never mind the safety of those that it puts in harm’s way.

The police used a dog to detain asylum seekers over the weekend in Hyvinkää. Watch the full video here.

Naturally, the persons and institution behind this tough asylum policy are Interior Minister Paula Risikko, Päivi Nerg and the government of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä.

Yes, right, Risikko is the minister that gave the thumbs up in February to a group of far-right Finland First, a copy of the far-right Britain First, protestors. When we have ministers who cannot tell the difference between what is racist and not you can’t expect much in the way of asylum policy.

Send an email to Paula Risikko and Päivi Nerg at the interior ministry for deporting minors and families to Afghanistan.

But there is good news in the face of the two pictures above. A group of people went all the way to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to protest the deportations today.

  1. Finland is a hateful country

    Finnish police is racist, facist and terrorist as usual. they are all sick, mentaly sick .

    And Finnish people keep silent as usual !

    Finland has a big long black list in its history !

    Sending poor Afghans under bomb is easy but breathing with them under same sky is difficult !
    Woe on Finland woe

  2. Finland is a hateful country

    And what about pilot? flight captain?

    Racist captain, he could say a big NO to those racist polices, but he supported them !

    Captain has power, all power in his hands, but they are coward !

    Humanity is under bombardment in Finland !
    This Finnish police officer is nothing without a wild dog and his uniform, he is a big coward thats why he use dog !

    Take his uniform and dog, and then watch him with his all fear and panic and laugh at him !

    Finnish police is nothing except a name, a facist racist name .

    And people pay tax to them for attacking poor asylum seekers ???

  3. intternetnetsi

    Idiot, dog is norm in places where you may need to crowd control or may need to control violent people.

    Of course dog was there, would you prefer more lethal alternatives?