Finnish men assault elderly Somali woman (Part I)

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By Roble Bashir and Enrique Tessieri

Migrant Tales met on Thursday the elderly Somali woman who was attacked by a group of Finns in April at Helsinki’s Myllypuro metro station. The woman, Abdulle Korad Musse, 63, was taken to hospital by ambulance after she was physically assaulted.  

Musse, who speaks to us with the help of an interpreter, is originally from Mogadishu and has lived in Finland since 1999. She first lived in the eastern Finnish city of Joensuu until 2002, when she moved with her family to Helsinki. Musse is a mother of six.

Her face lights up with obvious sarcasm when asked which city, Joensuu or Helsinki, were better places to live.

“Joensuu was far worse,” she admits. “One of my sons was attacked by a group of Finns [in Joensuu] and hit so hard on the knee with a club that he had to be operated on in hospital.   Another time a motorbike went after my son and ran over him. He was only seven at the time.”

Abdulle Korad Musse claims that most Finns are racist. 

Musse claims that she expects something bad to happen every time she steps out of her Helsinki flat.

“I can either get harassed or laughed at,” she says. “I try to avoid trouble by walking on the other side of the street. Young people aren’t [usually] the problem. Older-aged Finns are.”

Musse claims that Finland isn’t a safe country to live for people like her. “They [some white Finns] see you as an insect and insects must be exterminated,” she says.

The Somali woman, who was physically attacked in Myllypuro with her thirty-four-year-old daughter in April, said that the whole incident started in the lift.

“Out of nowhere, the young Finnish couple in the lift started calling us names like dirty bastards and that we should go back to the country we came from,” she continues. ”When the lift door opened, the woman threw the bike at my daughter. That’s when the fight began.”

“My daughter got the Finnish woman on the floor and was on top of her,” she continues. “I tried to stop her but soon the man who was with her was joined by three men and four women. My daughter hit the woman but she was soon attacked.”

”That’s when I got hit,” she explains. “A tall man punched me in the head. I got dizzy and fell down. On the ground he started kicking me in the kidneys, hips and shoulders. I tried to cover my stomach because I was operated in hospital a month ago.”

Musse was taken to  hospital by ambulance. She says she’s become very ill after the incident and suffers from near-constant pains.

“I cannot hold anything [heavy] and its impossible to sleep on either side my shoulders,” she says. “If I sit for too long and stand up, my knees, shoulder and hips are in pain.”

Musse says that her daughter’s face and body were bruised and swollen “everywhere.”

”The Finns that attacked her yanked by force a silver ring from her finger,” Musse says. “All the goods that we had bought in the Itäkeskus Shopping Center were scattered all over the metro station floor.”

Part II will be published Saturday. 


    • Enrique Tessieri

      –So my bike was stolen once, can i now claim most somalis are criminals?

      We are not claiming that. But if I were the Somali elderly woman and lived in Finland, it would be my conclusion.

  1. D4R

    What a piece cowards for attacking weak and helpless elderly woman and her child. These things had happened to me when i was a child allmost every week, but that’s ok though, while these incidents increase and politicians are feeding these dangerouse peoples minds Finland can go to hell period, im sorry for my fault language but if these things are normal to you for attacking elderly helpless womans then you Finns can go to hell!!!!!!!!