Finnish Interior Minister Paula Risikko vacationing in a war zone

by , under Enrique Tessieri and Sira Moksi

Sira Moksi has made quite a name for herself by drawing cartoons that newspapers wouldn’t publish. In the one below, we see Interior Minister Paula Risikko vacationing in a “safe” country like Iraq or Afghanistan. Where would Interior Minister Permanent Secretary Päivi Nerg vacation? What about the director general of the Finnish Immigration Service, Jaana Vuori? What about Prime Minister Juha Sipilä? President Sauli Niinistö? Finance Minister Petteri Orpo?

Let’s challenge all of them to visit those countries they deem as safe and where asylum seekers are being deported, even entire families and children.

Interior Minister Risikko outdid herself again right after the Turku stabbings by suggesting, among other things, that there are plans to pass a new law that would criminalize helping undocumented migrants in Finland.

And now, without further ado, Moksi gives us Interior Minister Risikko enjoying a vacation in a war zone.

In Arabic: وزير الداخلية الفنلندى باولا ريسيكو يقضى عطلة فى منطقة حرب