Finnish Immigration Service terrorizes immigrants (Part II)

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By Dana


Why are we all so passive if we’re oppressed? What do you fear? What will you fear losing? Money? Benefits? What, then?

Where’s your humanity? Who makes up your mind for you? Who controls your thoughts? How do you build and make your morals and values stronger each day?

What is your religion? If you have few morals, then you and your religion don’t count much. Don’t fool yourself in the name of religion, and in the name of the law.

Do you hate me? Do you care about me? Yes, it’s easy not to care about me because it was three years that I spent on trying to bring my parents to Finland. I spent a lot of money. It cost me as well my time, my trust, my family, my dearest parents, my blood, my wish, my happiness and my hope.

When you lose a five-cent coin, u will probably search for it for at least 20 minutes. I spent three years searching!

I invite you to judge me and my case. Go ahead and show me ur hate over and over again…it’s easy for you because Finnish law works in your favor, not in mine.

Could you tell me why Finnish law works for you but not for me? What’s the difference between you and me, as a foreigner and foreigner, or as a foreigner and Finn?

Does it have something to do about human worth?

What does human worth mean to u? Can it be measured with money?

Why should I care for you if you have all you need?

What makes you feel happy about my situation? When i lost my parents you felt so happy – why? U think death only affects my parents and me?

Death will catch you sooner than you think and you can’t take your money with you, nothing, except yourself and your indifference and crimes.

FIS* laughs in our faces

FIS has a good time with our money and time

FIS instills tragedy that can destroy your life in the name of the law.

How would you stand up to FIS?

Would you struggle with FIS or become its jester?


Show me how?

You could at least spare some of your pain on this blog.


*Finnish Immigration Service