Finnish Immigration Service terrorizes immigrants (Part I)

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By Dana


The Finnish Immigration Service (FIS) strikes terror in immigrants like me. I’ve lived for three years in uncertainty not knowing if I’d ever be reunited with my family. My mother died in May and my father in July. I hadn’t seen my beloved parents for seven years. I never thought that the last time we saw each other in 2006 in Iran, that we’d never see each other again. 

The FIS was never helpful. It made sure that I’d live with uncertainty about ever being reunited with my family. The uncertainty persisted day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second.

The FIS not only terrorized with uncertainty but my family in Iran too. I tried so hard to improve my life in Finland. Having my parents at my side would have helped matters a lot. But nothing ever happened. My application was shelved in some lost FIS corner, where it gathered dust.

The aim of the FIS is clear: to put as many obstacles in front of me so my parents would never come and live with me in Finland.  Its aim was simple: to ensure that I’d live alone and in loneliness for the rest of my days in Finland. How cruel and senseless…

Who are the FIS? They’re always showing  off themselves as being so important…there are many family reunification cases like mine waiting in the FIS. Many, many are waiting for their turn, waiting, waiting. The FIS responds: “Oh, we have no time now…You are nothing, nothing, but wounded people, your deep filthy wounds…”

Who are those officials, judges in the appeals and supreme court? What kind of judges are they anyway? Judges of what? For whom? What values are they judging and defending? Not mine!
Yes – power is dark.

Dark power isn’t immortal and will lose in the end because it is its worst enemy… The Finnish Immigration Service not only work against me but against Finland, and itself…A dark wind is howling for them,  it is a sad song indeed.

I got a negative decision three times to bring my mother and father to Finland. I’m have a feeling, and am certain, that they never took my case seriously. They never cared about me never mind my parents.

Even you, reader, hiding from my eyes. But GOD will answer you and tell you that you cannot hide from GOD because GOD is the Master of the Universe, which you are not. You are a virus, a dangerous virus that will soon infect the whole of Finland and then it’ll be too late because nothing will be able to save this country. Finland now has a fever, a high fever, hotter than your sauna, hotter than the suffering you inflicted on me and my family.

I do not care about those persons who may judge me, in silence or with words, on this blog.

Are you a Finn?

A foreigner?

Do you have your family with you by your side in Finland?

Has what happened to me happened to you? How has the FIS treated you? Speak, speak, speak out here on this blog…

Like I have, now.