Finnish government and City of Oulu officials: Where is the concern and outrage?

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Almost two days have elapsed since the Oulu mosque was the target of vandalism. Did you read from any government minister expressed concern about what happened? What about the City of Oulu, which has labelled all asylum seekers as potential sex offenders by banning such people from visiting child care centers and schools?

Where is the leadership and outrage after the Oulu mosque was vandalized Tuesday for the ninth time?

The media was especially active about reporting about the sexual assault cases. A Migrant Tales story revealed that from November 27 to February 13, Ylealone had published 77 stories on the topic. On one day (January 14), it had published 13 stories.

The government in its futility and campaigning for the April parliamentary elections announced an immigration crime prevention plan. One of the aims is to give asylum seekers a test about Finnish values.

With the knee-jerk reaction of the government and City of Oulu to the sexual assault cases, which some would interpret as racist, shouldn’t these officials attend a basic course on cultural diversity and anti-racism?

In December, when the mosque was vandalized for a seventh and eight time, the Lutheran Church did express concern and offered its solidarity.

What do the silence and inaction say about the state of Finland?

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