Finnish fitness center advertises migrants needn’t apply as members

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Believe it or not in Finland there are fitness centers that advertise to their Finnish customers that foreigners won’t be allowed to use their facilities, especially those that live in an asylum reception center nearby.

Kuntokeskus Valolinna is a fitness center in the town of Heinola, located about 140km north of Helsinki, which advertised on its website and in a newspaper the following:

Kuntosali Valolinna will continue to serve only Finns in the future. Due to outside requests, migrants staying in Heinola will not be allowed to become members of our fitness center because our membership is full.

Say what?! You won’t accept foreigners because your membership is full?

An asylum reception center is being opened near Kuntokeskus Valolinna and this appears to be the reason why the fitness centers wants to assure its customers that these people fleeing war will be kept out of the fitness center.

Non-Discrimiantion Ombudswoman Kirsi Pimiä was quoted as saying in YLE that the announcement by the fitness club is discriminatory.

“In my opinion from the point of view of the non-discrimination act this [ad] is against the law since certain people are barred from being members [of the fitness club],” she said.

What is most surprising is that in today’s Finland, where people and companies have access to a vast amount of information, can publish something so racist and discriminatory.

Näyttökuva 2015-11-12 kello 17.25.14
Now you see the racist announcement by the fitness club…
Näyttökuva 2015-11-12 kello 17.25.36
…and now you don’t.

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