Finnair flight AY1433 to Berlin and the sad case of a deportee – #boycottfinnair!

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A couple traveled to Berlin on a Finnair flight Thursday. The passenger that witnessed a forced deportation on the flight wrote about it on her Facebook wall. Helsinki police chief inspector, Liisa Lintuluoto, denied in MTV3 that anything of the sort had happened on the flight.  

Writes the woman who saw the asylum seeker on the flight:

“On Fnnair flight AY1433 from Helsinki to Berlin there was a person who was being deported. There were two men sitting beside the man in the last row of the plane. His hands were bound with a cable tie. The man had blood coming from a wound in his head that was treated in a rudimentary manner. The man was shaking and looked into my eyes and said, ‘Please help me!’ After this, his mouth was taped and his head was placed between the knees, which was how he was detained. The police who accompanied him made it impossible to communicate with the person, who was suffering greatly.

Every person is entitled to being treated in a respectful manner with his human rights irrespective of the situation.

I will never forget that person’s suffering eyes and his pleas for help.”

The original posting on Facebook.

Migrant Tales knows one of the persons who saw what happened on the Finnair flight to Berlin.

Who do I believe?

The denials of the police in MTV3 are revealing. It’s what they don’t say that incriminates them.

Another culprit is Finnair. It is the national carrier of a country that is criticized by Amnesty International for its human rights violations of asylum seekers.

I will boycott Finnair, and I hope you do the same.


  1. Light

    Racist police, curse to you all !
    They always do this, always, and nobody take responsibilty, why? because they have supporters, law of Finland, court and judges are their supporters !
    Yes Finland is a modern country, very modern, torture system here and there, in streets, in your home, in shops, in LIDL ( security guard attacked a foreigner woman, a woman with balck hair, in LIDL in Pasila without any reason, racist finnish security guard in Lidl did hit her badly, insulted her, took her in his ugly hands for a long time…. and people were watching this, manger and staffs said NOTHING and they all helped security guard, woman was completely a victim ) Finland has a torture and hit system!

    ***Chief inspector, Liisa Lintuluoto, denied in MTV3 that anything of the sort had happened on the flight ***

    Of course Liisa tortureLUOTO will say lie, they are racist liar and scammer, racism is in their genetic and blood , finnish police will never change, they like to see an asylum seeker full of blood and wound ! they enjoy it, look how she had no feeeling about that, and she knew this, she is with them, it was her goal ! IT WAS HER GOAL !

    Crime after crime against asylum seekers in Finland, and President Sauli Niinistö is busy with his baby and wife, he take no responsibilty, he is president fo racism and racists !

    And you people sit and read Mt and comments and say nothing, keep silence, hiiiish hiiiish , hide truth and facts behind your close mouth ! will you hide it when this things happens to you and your family ???
    Finnish police feed itself and its family with blood of refugees and asylum seekers !

    ! ! ! Boycott Finnair and Lidl shops ! i done that already ! ! !

    Word is watching you Finnish racist police !

  2. Light

    People must take picture and photo quickly, take your mobile with you all the time, be aware, take photo quickly and then go to facebook and e.mails ,…,… standing for humanity is a sresponsibilty for all people !

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