Finland’s youth gang story is a close relative to the USA stolen election lie story

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Looking at the number of stories written about the so-called youth gang problem in Finland, it is interesting to note that reporting of the issue by Yle doubled compared with the eight months of the year.

Stories about Sweden’s youth gang problem started to pick up in the fall after Sweden’s 11 September parliamentary election. Before the election (during 1 January-10 September 2022), Yle published 29 stories, but from 11 September to 16 February, the number of stories soared by 124% to 65.

The number of stories during those periods under review remains stable for Helsingin SanomatMTVIlta.Sanomat and Iltalehti.

Why did Yle its coverage of the topic? Are politicians pulling some strings behind the scenes?

Considering that we are in an election year and, due to past actions of the police and media in cities like Oulu, is the whole gang “problem” in Finland a storm in a teacup. Is it something that politicians from the Perussuomalaiset – excuse the language – pulled out of their asses? Is it similar to the stolen election lies spread by MAGA Republicans?

If it is true that the whole youth gang story is grossly exaggerated for political purposes, what responsibility does the media have for perpetuating the story?

Law enforcement institutions like the police, Finnish Border Guard, and others must make a case to acquire funds. What better way than to warn the public of a danger that does not yet exist but needs resources?

The media should do a better job and void being taken for rides by politicians and the police.

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