Finland’s scapegoating culture and climate

by , under Enrique Tessieri

A good example of Finland’s xenophobic climate is a citizens’ initiative that would hasten the deportation of sentenced foreigners, according to YLE in English. The minimum number of signatures required for such initiatives to be debated and voted on in parliament is 50,000.

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On Wednesday morning the citizens’ initiative had 52,037 signatures.

YLE in English reports that after a change in Finnish law about three years ago Finns can now bring initiatives to parliament. The initiative to deport sentenced foreigners will be the seventh.

Xenophobia and general opposition to cultural diversity and the Helsinki Tapanila gang rape have been important boosts for the initiative.

Migrant Tales believes that these types of initiatives only serve to strengthen and justify xenophobia and scapegoating migrants in this country.

The other important matter that this initiative shows is Finland is still miles away from implementing effective solutions to tackle crime, ethnic profiling, greater inclusion and encourage newcomers to be equal members of society.