Finland’s asylum policy is the story of complacent silence and crocodile tears

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Iraqi asylum seeker, Ali’s death, reported by YLE have shocked some while others shed crocodile tears

The Finnish Immigration Service responded in October 2016 to Migrant Tales in a tweet about the death of two Iraqi asylum seekers in Iraq. We even published a story about the death of a naturalized Finnish citizen killed in “safe” Afghanistan shortly after his marriage.

What did Migri tweet?

“Good morning Marianne. Without confirmation, we cannot comment on the fate of those [asylum seekers] that have been refused to stay [in Finland].” We now have confirmation of Ali’s death certificate. Will Migri comment on the case? Nope, because they “don’t comment on individual cases.” Go to the original story here.

That tweet above pictures to the tee how much Migri and the government of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä care for the safety of asylum seekers. Such people have very low priority and should leave the country voluntarily or by force.

Like Ali’s tragic death, Migri has a long history of anti-human rights policies against asylum seekers. It’s not the first time that it has returned asylum seekers to autocratic countries and put them in harm’s way.

During the cold war years, Migri returned Soviet citizens to the USSR despite such people asking for asylum. It was a disgraceful era we should never repeat but are with Iraqi and Afghan refugees.

Finland was never an escape to freedom.

Not then, not now.

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