Finland: White teenage girls attack physically a 10-year-old and name him “n-word” and “rapist”

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Isn’t it surprising how our country, where racism is supposed to be an insignificant problem, is making headlines and encouraging Finns to challenge this social ill. The latest scandal comes from a playground in Helsinki, where a ten-year-old black boy was harassed in a racist manner by teenage girls, who kicked him and called him n-word and rapist, according to Helsingin Sanomat.

Yes, right, you read it correctly: A group of under-fifteen-year-old teenage white girls attack a ten-year-old boy at a playground, kicked him repeatedly and named him n-word and rapist.

The first question that arises is where did these white teenagers learn this type of anti-social behavior? What motivated and emboldened them to attack such a child?

The evidence is quite incriminating in today’s Finland. Anti-cultural diversity sentiment is so thick in this country that you could cut and slice it and send it to political parties like the Perussuomalaiset (PS)*, to silent politicians, our too often toothless media that is in many cases a rubber stamp of the racist things politicians say, and to the countless families and teachers at schools that should know better.

Migrant Tales wrote about a similar case in 2013, when a black boy was bullied in a racist manner at school.

The boy’s mother states, cries and then succeeds at containing her tears in the story:

Soon the majority of his classmates started bullying him. They named him a black monkey and told him to go to the toilet bowl because the color of his skin was like the color of feces.

Contrary to the racist bullying case in Mikkeli, the mother of the adopted child in Helsinki has gone to the police.

But that’s not all. Detective Chief Inspector Petri Juvonen was quoted as saying on Helsingin Sanomat that “such things happen every now and then” between minors and that it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

How does such a statement sound if I’d tell the family that suffered the murder of a loved one that “such things happen every now and then?”

Left Alliance Helsinki city councilwoman youth researcher, Veronika Honkasalo, expressed surprise at how Juvonen played down what happened, according to Kansan Uutiset.

“This is the reason why parenting and training for the police that work with children and youths is so important,” she said. “There is too little work done on this front.”

Since the suspects are under fifteen years old, the case will be handled by the child-care authorities.

The mother of the victim said that it wasn’t the first time her child had been harassed publicly in a racist manner.

  1. intternetnetsi

    Tapahtumankulun nyt poliisille välittänyt henkilö ei ollut aluksi tunnistanut tiedotusvälineissä uutisoitua juttua samaksi, jonka hän oli nähnyt.

    Tutkinnanjohtaja Petri Juvosen mukaan leikkipuistossa oli tapahtumahetkellä ollut myös hieman vanhempia nuoria viettämässä aikaa.

    – Yhden nuoren mukaan koko tilanne vaikutti leikiltä. Hän olisi voinut puuttua siihen kavereidensa kanssa, mutta ei nähnyt siihen syytä, Juvonen sanoo.

    Tyttöjen henkilöllisyys on poliisin tiedossa.

    Tapahtumasta ei seuraa poliisitoiminnallisia tai syytteeseen saattavia toimenpiteitä. Asian esitutkinta lopetetaan.

    There was no assault or name calling, case closed.