Finland to deport a family of nine to Iraq – youngest child 1.5 years and the eldest 14

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Now it has come to this: A family of seven children from Karbala, Iraq, who came to Finland in 2015 with their parents will be most likely deported on Wednesday. The youngest is a year and a half and the eldest 14.

According to one source who knows the family, two of the children speak Finnish since they attended school in this country.

A family of seven children, a mother and father will be deported this week back to Iraq.

“I doubt that I’ll get any sleep tonight because I’ve been trying to help this family,” said a woman.  “I was afraid that it would come to this [deportation].”

Cases like these leave one speechless. What are they going to do in Iraq and how will they remember the trauma of those last days in Finland when they are being escorted by force back to their home country?

  1. Finland is a hateful country

    Shame on Finland, shame shame shame and forever shame .

    What about people from Thai, Nepal, China … are they have war? politic problems? Is there rain of bomb in Thailand and China?
    Why that Finland take it very much easy on them? because they easy fall in love with you ! you are looking for bed not for humanity!

    Finnish law is against muslims, thats all.

    But for those are under war zone Finnish law take it this much harsh and bad and negative and full of hate and anger ?

    ISIS is alive in Finland. Big parliament in Helsinki is full of ISIS, they made law against this poor people and still they work against Iraqi and Afghans.

    What a baby knows about Islam? 1.5 years old child? children are not living with religion but with love, so why you judge them? why you sending this baby under bomb, after its parents spent a long long time and way to bring 7 children here, they spent all money they had,now they back with empty hands … this father and mother are not thinking about Islam, but about life and being safe, so why you Finland judging them for religion?

    This poor people are not here to practice Islam, but are here for life and peace.

    Shame on you Finland, shame shame shame ! you could not share a few days life with this family, life is only a few days, a short journey, no one will live for ever ! ! ! and Finland your turn will come too, soon, as soon as possible for universe !