Finland in June and July

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  1. Mary Mekko

    This is the Finland I love and remember from my Ruska-hitchhiking up through Keskisuomi and Lapland. That is why I am so interested in preserving a Finland for Finns, not all the starving masses of the world, who could (through no individual fault of their own) destroy a beautiful people and country.

    I see that about 12 million Somalians are starving again.

    Enrique, should they move in with you? Your friends and relations? How about if I point a gun to your head and say you have no choice, you have the room,and therefore 10 of them are coming now, to your house, to be fed and cared for at your expense.

    Speak against it? Go to jail.

    That’s the way the immigration policy is leading: bit by bit the politicans at the top are seeing how many they can stuff into each person’s house, life, school, how much of the bank account can be raided from each family’s earnings, how much street harassment they can take.

    You like to talk about the Nazis. I love to read about their earliest years getting a foothold in Germany, which was based on observing how the Communists took control of Russia.

    For example, the Nazis were not sure about using the death penalty – people might protest, and that would endanger the new party’s status.

    So they thought about it: how about a test case? Get some of the worst murderers and rapists in one area, and try ONE public hanging, see what the populace does, if they react.

    The populace were so glad to get rid of these nasty and dangerous people, they flocked there.

    The Weimar Republic had allowed so much crime to flourish that it looked GOOD to have a public clean-up, a warning to all others, according to frightened parents about their kids, husbands about their wives and so on.

    Then they took the chance to put the picture in the national paper, testing the bigger population.

    No objections, mostly approval, disapproval was silence and therefore not heard/seen.

    Then they started hanging murderers and other such serious criminals around the country in a big clean-up, and the people seemed to approve, back to law and order as they wished.

    Finally, they expanded their prison- camps opening up around the country, as the Commies opened the labor camps aroound Siberia. IF you spoke against the party, as in Russia, then you’d be in trouble, and the people learned to keep their mouths shut quickly.

    They came to the conclusion that the populace was glad to be rid of the petty criminals, too, the hoodlums on the streets and so on. The camps expanded even further, again, patterned after Russian-style camps, where common criminals mixed with “politicals”.

    What can we conclude by studying the Nazi leaders, who derived their ideas from Russia?

    That ALL dictatorships start slowly, move as rapidly as they can, and if they can silence people in any way against protest, they’ll do it.

    Enrique, NEVER advocate that ALL Muslims must leave Finland if your sister is raped and killed. That would be RACIST. That would be what the Chinese did in the 1990’s when one black African male student was accused of rape and ALL the black males had to leave China.

    NEVER advocate that Finns cannot openly say what they want, online or on the street. If that begins, as you implicate the right-wingers will face a silencing, then you are heading straight to Communist-style no-free-speech.

    Enrique, open discussion from all points of view is absolutely critical as Finland faces this government-sponsored infusion of nonEuropean immigration, against the majority’s wishes. Silence is not consent, especially in taciturn Finland.

    Silence is often simmmering outrage and frustration, as I learned by talking to many Finns both in Finland and here in California (tourists on my buses, mostly).

    They are all upset about the way immigrants take their tax money (at gunpoint from the taxpayer), how their males harass women and girls on the streets, how the schools are being upset with very foreign customs. They simply are too intimidated to speak out openly. The worse that they’re allowed to do is frown or move away in anger and revulsion.

    If Finns get angry enough, they’ll invent another Nokia-level Molotov cocktail again. Finns are tough and love their country, and they’ve defended it before.

    This Norwegian massacre should lead to huge open forums of open debate across Europe. Let the natives speak their minds.

    But will they? NO, they’re programmed not to be RACIST.

    Such a word is meaningless, toss it off the reindeer’s horns and begin a real round-up!