Finland and cultural diversity in 2012 will be published on December 28

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Migrant Tales will publish on December 28 its review of the major events that shaped 2012 on the cultural diversity and immigration front in Finland. Contrary to 2011, this year’s review will be called Finland and cultural diversity in 2012.

Finns colonized Argentina in 1906. Some, like Eelis Heikkilä, made a meager living by picking bananas.

Why have we changed the name?

The answer is simple: The real issue being debated in this country isn’t immigration per se but acceptance of cultural diversity. How inclusive is our society to “otherness?”

As far as we can tell, there is one party as well as many politicians from other parties who are fighting tooth and nail to keep Finland white physically and spiritually. In their myopic world, the only “good” Finn is a white Finn.

We disagree. Being Finnish is a personal matter and does not hinge on how anti-immigration parties and groups define it.

Thanks to the over 1.2 million Finns that left this country between 1860 and 1999, Finnish culture and identity is richer than some people would like to admit.

No matter how many obstacles these anti-immigration and counterjihadist groups place on our path, the tide turned many decades ago. The ever-growing cultural diversity we see within our borders today is fueling a new sense of Finnishness that is proud and diverse.

If you have any suggestions you would like to make concerning the most important events that took place in Finland in 2012 on the cultural diversity and immigration front, please drop us a line ([email protected]).

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