FGC and the PS: Come on! Let’s bash Muslim women and Islam (again)

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I’m not surprised that Riikka Purra, a Perussuomalaiset (PS)* MP obsessed with slandering Muslims, gives misleading statements about female genital cutting (FGC), also referred to as female genital mutilation (FGM).

The term FGC is in my opinion less judgemental and value-laden than FGM.

Without offering advice and assistance to women who have undergone FGC and protecting others from this practice, it is clear that the PS has a clear agenda. They would care less about these women because their hatred for Muslims blinds them.

Finland’s hostile environment against Muslims, especially spearheaded by the PS, is further proof of the latter. Once again as well we are seeing how the PS paints Muslims with a single brush.

A tweet below by Purra proves my point. She mentions that a separate law on “mutilation” has been in force in Sweden for a long time. “Convictions are a couple, and all the problems of honor culture [honor killings], forced marriages, and mutilation is present.”

She puts the icing on her racist tweet: “The problem only revolves around migrants who come from certain countries.”

What does Purra mean? Being an Islamophobe, she means Muslims.

Riikka Purra on the Islamophobic warpath. Source: Twitter

Purra spreads a lot of Islamophobic malarky on the Internet. Her latest tweet is a prime example.

Is FGC only practised by Muslim as Purra incorrectly claims?

The African Journal of Urology, among other sources like the World Health Organization, states that FGC, or FGM as they call it, is practiced among Muslim, Christian, and Jewish groups.

Writes the African Journal of Urology: “According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, FGM is actually practiced by Muslim, Christian and Jewish groups. There are countries, such as Nigeria, Tanzania and Niger, where the prevalence of FGM is even greater among Christian groups. In Egypt, FGM is also practiced on Coptic girls, while in Ethiopia, the Beta Israel or Falashas, a Jewish minority, subject their girls to genital mutilation.”

Is it a surprise that Purra and her band of PS Islamophobes make the most incredulous claims about their pet topic, Muslims?

Not really, but their only aim is to oppress and persecute Muslims, people of color, and other minorities they clearly target and despise.

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