Father is ur flower

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Father has root in your memories. Father has contact with you, in your

genes. He is there as a gift for you, for always, for he loves you and wants to be with you forever. So you are never alone, even when he dies.

                                               Family is best, Father is dearest.
Father is the way you were brought to this world. You were nothing. You could not come by yourself, NO!, but, Father thought about you, wished for you. God heard, and one day you opened your eyes in this world. Father gave you this chance to be alive and to taste life. Don’t forget it-Don’t.

Now he is waiting for your kindness. He needs your hug, your kisses on his cheeks. Don’t lose this beautiful time. He is your father. He is yourself. Father is holy word. Holy gift for you. Be aware before it is too late.

Love u Baba for always