Far right PS MP Hirvisaari resigns from Suomen Sisu

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Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP James Hirvisaari, who was convicted for ethnic agitation in December, announced on his blog that he has resigned from the extremist Suomen Sisu association. The whole announcement is fishy: Why is Hirvisaari resigning now? Does it make any difference? Who cares. 

The Supreme Court upheld in June Hirvisaari’s ethnic agitation conviction.

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Hirvisaari’s blog is as eerie as his far right ideology and views of Muslims.

PS MP Juho Eerola, who is in the same far right ideological league as Hirvisaari, resigned in June from Suomen Sisu  because he was aiming to become MP Jussi Halla-aho’s successor as chairman of the administration committee.

Halla-aho was forced to resign as chairman of the administration committee when the Supere Court convicted him  in June for ethnic agitation and breaching the sanctity of religion.

In his usual far right tone, Hirvisaari writes: ”[I didn’t resign] because there was something wrong with the association, but because it is a youth organization.”

And continues: “I thank Suomen Sisu’s smart young men and women for their inspiring, intelligent, peaceful and authentic love for the fatherland and for their company and great example.”

A Finnish expert on the far right, who spoke to Migrant Tales on condition of anonymity, said that nobody can resign from the association because it’s like leaving the Mafia. Suomen Sisu is neither a registered association nor does it have an official list of members.

“Considering that someone can say out loud publicly that he is resigning from Suomen Sisu doesn’t mean anything at all if [the person’s] ideology remains unchanged,” said the expert on the far right. “Suomen Sisu is no longer an active organization because it has the Perussuomalaiset under its full control and they can do pretty much what they please [in that party].”

One area where Suomen Sisu wields a lot of power over the PS is in the party’s immigration policy.





  1. D4R

    In my opinion it really don’t matter if he resigns or not, at the end of the day we’ll know what is this mans concepts and believes, that he believes racial purity, also adores nazi warlords, and that he believes certain ethnics to be inferior to his ethnicity etc.. etc. Also, he said after he reseigned from Sisu that he doesn’t see any think wrong in Suomen Sisu and that the reason why he resigned is because he has matured. So i don’t see any point of even reporting about his resignition, it really doesn’t matter. We got really dangerous people sitting in the parliament right now, so we shall see what the future holds for us.